Inventory of Federal Organizations and Interests

Inventory of Federal Organizations and Interests

Comprehensive information on federal entities subject to the Financial Administration Act (FAA) and organizations in which the government holds an interest or participates in oversight.

Information concerning the business and activities of all parent Crown corporations is prepared in accordance with section 151 of the Financial Administration Act (FAA).  

Services and information

Overview of federal organizations and interests

Ministerial departments, departmental agencies, departmental corporations, parent Crown corporations

Inventory on GC InfoBase

Categories of federal organizations with in-depth, interactive data visualizations

Crown corporations’ corporate holdings

Parent Crown corporations, their subsidiaries, legal partnerships, associates

Holdings under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

Corporate shares held by government

Crown corporations’ tabling information

Tablings in Parliament of Crown corporation annual reports, corporate plans, budget summaries

Crown corporations’ financial data

Consolidated financial reports for Crown corporations

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