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Federal Crown corporations operate in many sectors of the Canadian economy, though each has a unique public policy interest. The corporations vary in size and in their reliance on government appropriations.

Departments, agencies and Crown corporations must publish a quarterly financial report on their website for each of the first three quarters of the fiscal year within 60 days of the end of the reporting period, as per Section 65.1 (1), (3) and 131.1 (1), (3) of the Financial Administration Act (FAA).

The FAA requires that the President of the Treasury Board publicly report the quarterly consolidated financial data, including aggregate borrowings of parent Crown corporations. As of , there were 45 Crown corporations directed to report as parent Crown corporations for the purposes of the FAA.

The format of consolidated reports was streamlined as of to provide key and relevant financial information on Crown corporation business and activities based on respective quarters and not the quarter end date. Employment statistics are no longer reported in this consolidation. Links to the corresponding publications were added to be consulted for additional information.

The consolidated reports were prepared in accordance with the Section 151(1) and (2) (a), (c) of the FAA based on unaudited quarterly financial reports that have been made public under subsection 131.1(3), and annual reports that were laid before Parliament under subsection 150(1).

Consolidated Financial Information for Crown Corporations new











Note that the financial data for Crown corporations that have calendar year-ends may have been published in the period ending on following the previous format. To be able to report on all Crown corporations consistently using the new format, the numbers for all Crown corporations for the third quarter of 2013- have been presented despite their inclusion in the previous report.

Archived Reports

This section provides financial information on individual Crown corporations grouped by ministerial portfolio. The information is presented in table format as follows:

The Consolidated Statements of Operating Results and Financing table presents each corporation’s operating results and financing:

Notes on Crown CorporationsFootnote 1

  • The Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation was dissolved on as part of Bill C-31.
  • The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) became a parent Crown corporation by issuance of the order in council 2012-1350. WDBA officially started operations in 2014-15 fiscal year and therefore its quarterly financial data was included as of (or as of first quarter of 2015-2016).
  • The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL), a parent Crown corporation, is a new entity resulting from the amalgamations under the Canada Business Corporation Act of the "legacy FBCL", a parent Crown corporation with its subsidiary St. Mary’s River Bridge Company on and with another parent Crown corporation Blue Water Bridge Authority on , in accordance with the authorities provided by the Economic Action Plan 2013 Act, No. 2, as amended, by the Economic Action Plan 2014 Act, No. 2.
  • The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) was created through legislation on and is expected to become operational by 2018. Quarterly Financial Reports and Annual Reports will be published as soon as the CIB is operational.

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