Comparing Types of Cabinet Papers

Point Memorandum to Cabinet TB Submission GIC Submission
Purpose To seek a Cabinet decision on a proposal (e.g., approval of a policy or new initiative) To seek approval of the elements of a program's design, delivery or implementation, or to seek other authorities related to an organization's mandate To seek approval of regulations or an order-in-council
Focus Recommended course of action, funding requirements, rationale for proceeding, alternative options, considerations, attestation on accuracy of resource implications presented, implementation plan, strategic communications, parliamentary plan. On an optional basis, additional information on the design of the proposed program or policy Detailed program design and implementation plan; detailed costing; results measurement and accountability frameworks; risks and risk management; and previous and planned evaluations and audits.

Regulations: Detailed information on the risks, costs, benefits and performance measurement and evaluation plans (for high-impact regulations only)

Orders-in-council: Policy or program rationale with clear objectives, implications and costs

Resource details High-level information on total resources required each year and, for information purposes, additional detail on the costs of the proposed approach and full-time equivalent resources. Specific funding details and a clear rationale for what resources will be spent each year

Regulations: Cost-benefit analysis required; level of detail dependent on the assessed impact of the proposed regulation

Orders-in-council: High-level information on total resources required each year

Target audience Cabinet ministers Treasury Board ministers Treasury Board as the Cabinet committee advising the Governor General
Key organizations involved Submitting organization(s), Privy Council Office, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Department of Finance Canada, other interested organizations Submitting organization(s) and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Submitting organization(s), Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Privy Council Office, Department of Justice Canada and Public Works and Government Services Canada
Electronic link to document template Memorandum to Cabinet Template Treasury Board Submission Form Templates for regulations and most orders-in-council

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