Service and Quality Standards to Support TB Submission Reviews

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (Secretariat) is implementing new service standards for its review of Treasury Board (TB) submissions. These service standards are accompanied by new quality standards for incoming submissions. Taken together, the new standards will support the shared goal of developing and reviewing quality TB submissions in a timely manner. They will also facilitate planning for federal organizations and the Secretariat by strengthening the content of TB submissions and supporting a clear and consistent approach to their review.

Prior to submitting a TB submission to the Secretariat, organizations are to confirm through a senior official that specific quality criteria have been met and that the submission is ready for review.

Early engagement with program sectors to discuss planned submissions is highly recommended and will assist organizations in preparing TB submissions that meet the quality standards.

Service Standards for the Secretariat

Please note that every effort will be made to meet these standards, but complex submissions requiring multiple consultations with a policy centre may take more time.

Quality Review — 5-day service standard:

Within 5 working days of receiving a draft TB submission, the Secretariat will assess the overall quality of the submission and make one of three determinations:

  • The due diligence review will proceed: the TB submission meets the Secretariat's quality standards.
  • The due diligence review will not proceed: the TB submission does not meet the Secretariat's quality standards.
  • The due diligence review will proceed on an exceptional basis: the Secretariat may agree to proceed with the review of a submission that does not meet the quality standards, on an exceptional basis.

Substantive Comments — 10-day service standard:

Within 10 working days of confirming that the due diligence review will proceed, the Secretariat will provide substantive comments on the draft TB submission.

Quality Standards for Incoming Submissions

The following requirements guide the Secretariat in determining whether a TB submission is ready to undergo a due diligence review:

Authoritative Review:
  • A senior official has reviewed the content and supports it.
  • The organization has completed a corporate review (i.e., key groups, covering such areas as audit and evaluation and risk, have verified the accuracy of the content in their respective sections of the submission).
  • The organization's deputy chief financial officer has reviewed the TB submission and supports it.
Complete and Relevant Content:
  • The TB submission includes all required elements and appendices, based on the Detailed Guidance for Writers.
  • Authorities (e.g., project, program, policy, record of decision) and all sources of funds are in place, or will be in place, before the submission proceeds to the Treasury Board.
  • The TB submission addresses each proposal, refers to the relevant Treasury Board policies, includes sufficient context and reflects the most recent Cabinet and Treasury Board decisions.
  • Proposals are consistent with government priorities, and cost-containment measures have been considered.
Accurate and Precise Information:
  • Financial amounts in the proposals, the cost, funding requirements and source of funds text and tables, and all financial tables, including appendices, are accurate and are consistent with the organization's authorities.
Appropriate Early Engagement:
  • If necessary, the organization has consulted the Secretariat, well in advance of submitting a first draft on any exemptions being sought to Treasury Board policies, on any concerns with funding or other authorities, and on any other issue that has a high likelihood of affecting the review timeline.

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