Understanding Web and UX with Manal Dahalani

By Christine Jean-Baptiste 

Manal Dahalani started her career working in French web content editing throughout several government departments.

However, eight years ago, she discovered the UX world in web design and never left. Now, Manal is the Senior Web Communications Advisor at Natural Resources Canada.

Headshot of Manal Dahalani

Working in the Web and UX has allowed me to diversify my skills and learn new methods to find effective digital solutions for users,” she said.

According to Manal, when working in Web/UX, collaboration with users is at the center of the work, because it allows for inclusive solutions and research. Most importantly, it builds a trusting relationship with the audience.

The use of human-centred design is an approach that encourages us to place our target audience at the center of the development process of a digital product or service. This is what guides us in our innovation process,” said Manal.

The digital world is always changing, including Web/UX. Although it can be difficult to be always catching up to the latest in Web design, Manal says the speed of execution and adaptability are two qualities that allowed her to anticipate future Web trends and avoid the unexpected.  

In my experience, using the agile approach (a flexible and iterative approach) has allowed me to prioritize the problems to be solved and make changes quickly,” she said.

While Web design works behind the scenes, it is an essential aspect of communications; Manal says, “Digital technologies are profoundly transforming organizations, especially in the way we communicate directly with the public instantaneously. Digital communication allows us to measure the direct impact on traditional communications and observe user behaviour towards a product or service. This helps inform adjustments to be made to traditional communications.

UX is a lot about listening to our users and understanding how to provide them with the best possible experience. As a communicator, Manal says, we must be prepared to; collaborate, learning different mindsets, get out of our comfort zones, moving from analysis to action, and make mistakes.

As for any advice for someone entering the Web/UX industry, Manal says to think first as a user and before starting digital projects ask the following questions:

  • What is the problem I am trying to solve on this project?
  • Who is experiencing the problem? (What is its history, weaknesses and challenges)
  • Why is it important that this problem be solved? (What value would a solution bring to the user and the company?)

There are several resources for Web design creatives out there, especially during COVID-19. Start with reading these helpful tools:


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