Be a part of #GCDigital

Be a part of #GCDigital

In the Digital Community, we’re passionate about transforming government.

There is innovative work going on across the public service to improve service to Canadians and residents and you can be part of it.

Join Canada’s largest employer as we exemplify our Digital Standards, such as working in the open, designing for the user and making services more accessible for Canadians.

You will have access to work across federal departments and agencies to make government more effective, and the services Canadians need simpler and easier to use.

#GCDigital - Description

When you think about working in technology for the Government of Canada, what comes to mind?

Dusty server rooms?

Flip-flop programmers?

That’s not actually the case. Well, not completely the case.

We work on some pretty amazing things, like…

Inserting Canadian values into our use of Artificial Intelligence.

Unlocking the potential of Open Data.

Managing Canada’s largest technology operation.

Enabling secure access to online services through trusted digital identities.

Developing the Government’s first digital policy.

Developing the Government of Canada’s first voice activated service.

Prototyping secure data exchange platforms.

Developing innovative and citizen-centric approaches to service delivery.

Making it easier for Canadians to request government information.

Creating new ways to hire differently for today’s gig economy.

Listening and working with diverse stakeholders to build consensus.

And building a common digital blueprint, for the Government, so we can act as one.

By the way, did you know?

This humble server actually runs…

Our borders.

Our immigration.

Our national tax system.

#GCDigital. It’s way more than a back office function.

Digital, it’s now everything we do!

In the Government of Canada, diversity is our strength. We can only design services that meet the needs of all Canadians and residents by ensuring we have diverse voices and perspectives working in #GCDigital. Apply now, and start your career in #GCDigital!

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