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Is your passion in Information Management or Information Technology (IM/IT)? Connect with your future career and make a difference in the Federal Public Service!

Are you eager to challenge the status quo and make a real difference in the lives of Canadians? Do you thrive in dynamic and creative environments? It’s time to turn your ideas into helpful solutions by experimenting and failing-fast – become an innovator! Let’s talk SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud).

Make your voice heard by joining Canada’s largest employer as it transforms into a digital government!

Take charge of your career and become part of a collaborative and progressive team of information management and information technology (IM/IT) professionals within the Government of Canada.


Cracking the code #CreateyourCanada#createyourcanada

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Application period is closed.

The application period for the Post-Secondary Recruitment is now closed; candidate assessment is ongoing.

Services and information

Canadian Digital Service

The Canadian Digital Service is focused first and foremost on delivery: building simple, easy to use services directly with federal departments. We learn by doing, and we use this experience to keep our work firmly grounded in practical experience.

Agile procurement for better digital solutions

The Government of Canada needs a new approach to buying goods and services. Our existing procurement system is robust and rigorous, but it’s time to try something new.

Spotlight on Open Government

Canada has agreed to be the lead government chair of Open Government Partnership for 2018-19 while serving as supporting government chair for 2017-18.

Top 10 reasons to join Canada’s Public Service

Discover our values, how we embrace diversity and support healthy, respectful workplaces.

Collective agreements for the public service

Access Government of Canada collective agreements that provide information on rates of pay, working conditions, terms and conditions of employment, and leave provisions.

Rates of pay for the public service

Access the rates of pay for Government of Canada employees, including employees who are represented by a union, senior excluded and unrepresented employees, and students.

Join the conversation

Join in the conversation on Twitter about the Public Sector’s digital movement!


Create your Canada - Description

Video opens with a series of black and white images showing woman using old technology. The screen shatters and text appears

“Technology has evolved, and so has the Government of Canada. Working with Government of Canada youth can…”

The text transitions into a woman sitting in front of two computer monitors with images of tornadoes, then transitions to a colorful screen showing storm information. Text appears on screen

“protect your environment”

Image behind the text transitions to a cluster of cylinder tanks being pulled out of water and into a boat by two men. Image transitions to a woman extracting water from one of the cylinders into a cup.

Text appears

“discover your passion”

Image behind text transitions to woman walking behind a large truck plowing field. Image transitions to a woman in the middle of a corn field looking at a tablet.

Text appears

“expand your horizons”

Image behind text transitions to a hand holding a pen connected to a circular base by an arm-like mechanism. Image transitions to a tiny camera on the tip of a pen like mechanism rubbing against a bone-like texture. Image transitions to a woman in front of a chalk board explaining to elementary kids the arm-like mechanism.

Text  appears

“find your balance”

Image behind text transitions to a man and a woman with big smiles riding bikes. Image then transitions to a crowd of people doing yoga in front of the Parliament building. Image transitions to a man in a wheelchair opening a laptop. Image transitions to a happy lesbian couple on a park bench holding a tablet.

Text appears

“create your future”

Image behind text shows woman at a podium speaking to a room filled with students. Image transitions to a woman wearing virtual reality glasses then transitions to a shot of a man holding a remote controlling a space rover.  

Text appears

“shape your world”

Image behind text shows and indigenous youth holding a camera and taking a picture of a woman. Image transitions to the same indigenous youth manipulating the picture on a computer screen.

Text appears

“Now’s your time to #CreateyourCanada

Screen fades to black then shows a list of collaborating departments and photo credits.

Screen fades to black followed by the Canada Wordmark.

Screen fades to black.

About the video

A diverse civil service improves our capacity to innovate by bringing different ways of thinking and skills to the workplace. That's why the Government of Canada is working to encourage more diversity in its IT community.

Did you know that there is a significant gender gap in the field of IT across all industries? And the Government of Canada is not immune. Out of a total Federal Government IT population of 17,211, only 26.8% are women! Working with an enthusiastic and passionate group of students this past summer, we developed this recruiting video to help inspire youth from all backgrounds, and particularly women, to make our IT Community richer and more diverse, bringing new voices and new ideas to the table.

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