Women of Impact learning toolkit

Women of Impact in Canada was created as an educational resource for people of all ages. Learning about the contributions of women – in fields as like the arts, sciences, politics and human rights – can unlock an important part of our country’s history.

Educational guide

Educators have the power to spark a lifelong interest in learning! The Educational guide was designed for community educators and offers guidance and ideas for introducing Women of Impact in Canada to learners of all ages.

Creating a local Women of Impact gallery

Celebrate the women who have made a difference in your community! Build a local Women of Impact gallery and share their stories of courage and determination with the world.

Individual and group learning

Explore a topic on your own or bring people together through a class or community project. Find ideas for group projects and suggestions for individual study.

Reading list

Discover works of fiction and non-fiction for young learners and youth and adult learners. Expand your knowledge, start a book club, or simply be inspired!

Games and activities

Having fun is the best way to learn! A Women of Impact in Canada crossword puzzle and colouring pages will help engage and entertain learners.nd entertain learners.

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