Expungement of convictions and 2SLGBTQI+ commemoration

The Expungement of Historically Unjust Convictions Act, which came into force on June 21, 2018, created a procedure to allow for the expungement (permanent destruction) of records for historically unjust convictions.

Additions to the list of convictions eligible for expungement

In the spirit of the Act, several historical offences have been added to the list of convictions eligible for expungement, allowing records of these convictions to be permanently destroyed. The new offences include those relating to venues considered to be safe spaces for 2SLGBTQI+ communities, such as bathhouses, nightclubs, and swingers’ clubs.

Adding these offences to the list is another step towards correcting the unjust application of these laws against members of 2SLGBTQI+ communities.

Addressing further historically unjust offences also fulfills a key commitment in the Federal 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan and will help to advance rights and equality for 2SLGBTQI+ people in Canada.

Submit a request to have your criminal records expunged

Get information on the expungement process, including eligibility criteria and the application form to have judicial records of past convictions expunged.

Tell your story

If you or someone you know has been unjustly convicted for engaging in consensual sexual activity with a same-sex partner, you can share your story with the Egale Canada Human Rights Trust.

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