General eligibility requirements and assessment criteria for Gender-Based Violence Program funding

To apply for funding under Women and Gender Equality Canada's (WAGE) Gender-Based Violence Program, applicants must meet all of the general eligibility requirements described below.

Note: As available funds are limited, not all qualified applicants may receive funding.


Eligible recipients include legally constituted organizations that are:

Project activities

Eligible activities include:

Ineligible activities are:

Ineligible costs

Capital expenditures, such as land, buildings, vehicles and other major capital costs, with the exception of computer equipment such as desktops, portables, and small peripherals required to carry out the project.

Sources of funding

Federal government funding will be limited to matching funding equivalent to up to 50% of total project budget for the following eligible recipients:

Official languages

WAGE is committed to supporting and assisting the development of official language minority communities in Canada. Where the recipient's activities address a public composed of both official language groups, or could have an impact on the bilingual character of Canada, WAGE will ensure that the funding agreement concluded with the recipient stipulates appropriate measures to be taken.

Assessment criteria

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