Trailer - Applying GBA Plus to Concussion Prevention and Treatment

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(Animation: A tablet on a desk appears.)

Concussions are a kind of traumatic brain injury.

They do not discriminate, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds.

(Animation: The hand swipes the tablet screen. An icon of a brain appears with a injured area of the brain that is pulsing/glowing. The hand swipes the tablet screen again. A animated calendar icon appears to represent age, and an animated globe appears to represent background.)

(Text on screen: Traumatic brain injury
People of all ages and backgrounds

But there are a number of identity factors that influence how people experience concussions.

(Animation: The camera cuts to the front view of the desktop computer. On the screen, puzzle pieces form the silhouette of a head. The puzzle pieces disappear and an injured brain icon appears inside the head silhouette.)

(Text on screen: Number of identity factors
People experience concussions

Let's take a look at how we can apply GBA Plus to improve their prevention and treatment.

(Animation: The GBA Plus logo appears on a lens. The lens splits into 2 lenses. The words Prevention and Treatment appear on each of the lenses.)

(Text on screen: How we can apply GBA Plus

(Animation: A piece of paper flies onto the desk.)

Applying GBA Plus to research will help us better understand the relationship between sex, gender and other identity factors, allowing us to develop more targeted health policy and training.

(Animation: The GBA Plus logo animates on the paper. A new plus sign spins out from the plus sign in the GBA Plus logo as the GBA Plus logo disappears. Several intersecting lines appear around the plus sign. The words Sex and Gender appear on the horizontal bar of the plus sign. Four new bars appear on the plus sign forming a pin-wheel. The following 10 words appear on each arm of the pinwheel: Ethnicity, Religion, Age, Disability, Geography, Culture, Income, Sexual Orientation, Education, Race.)

(Text on screen: Targeted health policy and training

(Animation: GBA Plus logo appears.)

(Text on screen: Visit

(Text on screen: Canada wordmark with waving flag

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