Trailer - Does Climate Change Affect Us All the Same Way?

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The animated logo for GBA Plus appears.
Text on screen –
Does climate change affect us all the same way?

We all know the consequences of climate change, from extreme weather events to melting ice
and rising sea levels.

An animated globe appears on top of live footage of water rushing out from under a glacier.
Text on screen –
Climate change
Know the consequences of climate change
From extreme weather events
Melting ice
Rising sea

But have you ever considered whether everyone is affected in the same way?

Some people are more vulnerable than others to the impacts of climate change.

A ring of stick-figures appears around the animated globe.
Text on screen –
Some people are more vulnerable

Climate change impacts people differently because of multiple intersecting

identity factors.

A stick-figure appears inside a circle with several intersecting lines moving all around it.
Text on screen –
But it's not just about gender
Multiple intersecting
Identity factors

That’s why the Government of Canada is using Gender-based Analysis Plus to address the
impacts of climate change.

GBA Plus logo appears.
Text on screen –
Text on screen - Canada wordmark with waving flag

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