Trailer - Safer and Stronger Canada at Home and in the World

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(The animated logo for GBA Plus appears.)

(Text on screen -
Safer and stronger canada at home and in the world)


Air travel allows us to explore the world and brings more and more travellers to our doorstep.

(An outdoor airport scene appears with animated planes.)

In Canada, our airports are modernizing: streamlining services and increasing security to improve
air travel for everyone.

(An indoor airport scene appears, including Primary Inspection Kiosks, border service officers, and diverse travellers waiting in line for border security clearance.)

The Canada Border Services Agency's Primary Inspection Kiosk was created to improve border
services for international travellers at Canada's busiest airports.

(A traveller approaches a Primary Inspection Kiosk. The acronym "CBSA" appears on the kiosk screen.)

(Text on screen –
The Canada border services agency (CBSA)
Primary inspection kiosk
Improve border services)

(An animated traveller using a Primary Inspection Kiosk appears.
The animated logo for GBA Plus appears on the kiosk screen.)

Throughout the planning phase, CBSA used Gender-based Analysis Plus – or GBA Plus – to inform
the design and operation of the kiosk.

(Text on screen –
Design and operation)

(Text on screen –
More inclusive in your approach)

Use GBA Plus to be more inclusive in your approach!

(Text on screen –
Courtesy of the Canada Border Services Agency)

(Text on screen - Canada wordmark with waving flag)

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