Economic participation and prosperity

Through the Gender Results Framework, the federal government is making measurable progress towards Canada’s gender equality goals. On this page, you will find the gender equality goal for economic participation and prosperity, why this goal matters, its objectives and indicators, as well as the key Government of Canada initiatives in this area.

Economic participation and prosperity


Equal and full participation in the economy.

Why this goal matters

Every person should have the opportunity to reach their full potential while contributing to, and benefitting from, a strong growing economy. Furthermore, advancing women’s economic participation drives economic growth, while boosting the income of Canadian families. Increased income leads to economic independence, which means greater financial security of individuals and their families, helping people exercise control over their lives.

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Objectives and indicators

Increased labour market opportunities for women, especially women in underrepresented groups

Reduced gender wage gap

Increased full-time employment of women

2.3.1 Proportion of workers in full-time jobs

Equal sharing of parenting roles and family responsibilities

Better gender balance across occupations

2.5.1 Proportion of occupational group who are women

More women in higher-quality jobs, such as permanent and well-paid jobs

2.6.1 Proportion of persons employed in temporary, involuntary part-time, or low-wage jobs

Key Government of Canada initiatives

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