Education and skills development

Through the Gender Results Framework, the federal government is making measurable progress towards Canada’s gender equality goals. On this page, you will find the gender equality goal for education and skills development, why this goal matters, its objectives and indicators, as well as the key Government of Canada initiatives in this area.

Education and skills development


Equal opportunities and diversified paths in education and skills development.

Why this goal matters

Every person should have the opportunity to make choices about their education based on their interests, aptitudes and economic goals, regardless of gender. In addition, the knowledge-based economy demands a skilled, adaptable and diversified workforce to support Canada’s competitiveness and prosperity.

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Objectives and indicators

More diversified educational paths and career choices

Reduced gender gaps in reading and numeracy skills among youth, including Indigenous youth

1.2.1 High school reading and mathematics test scores

Equal lifelong learning opportunities and outcomes for adults

1.3.1 Adults’ literacy and numeracy test scores

Key Government of Canada initiatives

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