Poverty reduction, health and well-being

Through the Gender Results Framework, the federal government is making measurable progress towards Canada’s gender equality goals. On this page, you will find the gender equality goal for poverty reduction, health and well-being, why this goal matters, its objectives and indicators, as well as the key Government of Canada initiatives in this area.

Poverty reduction, health and well-being


Reduced poverty and improved health outcomes.

Why this goal matters

Poverty is a challenge faced by men and women alike, but its effects can be different for women and girls, who are more likely to be victims of violence, to live alone and to be affected by chronic conditions and disabilities at older ages. Ensuring all members of our society have a real and fair chance at success is part of the Government’s plan to strengthen and grow the middle class.

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Objectives and indicators

Fewer vulnerable individuals living in poverty

5.1.1 Prevalence of low income, by economic family type

Fewer women and children living in food-insecure households

5.2.1 Proportion of individuals living in households that are moderately or severely food-insecure, by economic family type

Fewer vulnerable individuals lacking stable, safe and permanent housing

5.3.1 Proportion of the population in core housing need, by economic family type

Child and spousal support orders enforced

5.4.1 Collection rate, by type of beneficiary

More years in good health

Improved mental health

5.6.1 Proportion of adults who have high psychological well-being

Improved access to contraception for young people and reduced adolescent birth rate

Key Government of Canada initiatives

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