Backgrounder – Government of Canada announces support for 34 Ontario-based organizations to prevent and address gender-based violence


January 11, 2024 – Sudbury, Ontario

Today’s announcement includes funding for 34 organizations to prevent and address gender-based violence in Ontario and across the country. The funding for these initiatives is from two funding streams, as identified below.

1.    Increasing the capacity of Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ organizations to address gender-based violence    

More information about the Call for proposals: Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ organizations to further address gender-based violence

The funding will benefit the following Indigenous women’s and 2SLGBTQQIA+ organizations to bolster their capacity to provide gender-based violence prevention programming to address the root causes of violence: 

Projects serving the province of Ontario

2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: 2-Spirits Gender Based Violence Knowledge Sharing

Funding amount: $495,321

Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: Gender Diversity Engagement Coordination Project

Funding amount: $990,000

Temiskaming Native Women's Support Group (Keepers of the Circle)

New Liskeard, Ontario

Project name: Culturally-Rooted Governance and Shelter Policy Development to Prevent and Address Gender-based Violence

Funding amount: $457,634

Wiikwemkoong Anishnawbekwek

Manitowaning, Ontario

Project name: Wiikwemkoong Anishnawbekwek Eh M'namaadzijig 

Funding amount: $25,000

Projects across Canada

Assembly of First Nations

Cornwall, Ontario

Project name: Becoming a role model in ending sexual orientation and gender-based discrimination 

Funding amount: up to $723,481

2.    Addressing GBV through Promising Practices and Community-based Research

More information about the Call for Proposals to Address Gender-based Violence Through Promising Practices and Community-based Research

The following organizations will receive funding to develop, implement, and evaluate promising practices to prevent and address gender-based violence in Ontario and across the country:

Projects serving the province of Ontario

Big Brothers Big Sisters of South-West Durham and Northumberland

Ajax, Ontario

Project name:  Switch Gears – Redefining Masculinity in Todays World 

Funding amount: up to $218,113

CANVAS Arts Action Programs

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Consent Kit: Preventing GBV in Schools

Funding amount: up to $613,562

Future Black Female

St Catharines, Ontario

Project name:  Black Youth United Against GBV IPV

Funding amount: up to $500,235

Interval House

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Financial Literacy Pilot Project

Funding amount: up to $535,132

Interval House of Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario

Project name:  GBV Prevention Training for Workplaces

Funding amount: up to $626,359

John Howard Society of York Region

Newmarket, Ontario

Project name:  Ending the Cycle

Funding amount: up to $573,235

Nellie's Shelter (Women's Hostels Inc.)

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Empowerment- Pro-Active Violence Education (E-PAVE) 

Funding amount: up to $591,611

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name:  Anti-Oppressive Tools and Practices to Strengthen the GBV Sector

Funding amount: up to $558,283

The Redwood

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Safety Assessment Risk Management (SARM): Sharing Promising Practices 

Funding amount: up to $650,000

Thrive Counselling

Burlington, Ontario

Project name:  HIPVSAHTH – Halton Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking Hub 

Funding amount: up to $639,757

TOES Niagara

Welland, Ontario

Project name:  A code of conduct for human trafficking prevention in the Niagara Region

Funding amount: up to $585,650

Woman Abuse Council of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  DEAP: A model of coordinated support for survivors of economic abuse

Funding amount: up to $642,307

Women's Health in Women's Hands

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  A Cascade of Prevention, Support and Care for Gender-Based Violence for Racialized and Immigrant Women

Funding amount: up to $628,419  

Projects across Canada

Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: Criminalization and Survivorship: Strengthening GBV-sector responses to criminalization, coercive control, and litigation abuse in Canada

Funding amount: up to $805,588

Canadian Centre For Abuse Awareness

Newmarket, Ontario

Project name:  Taking an Innovative Community Approach to Prevent GBV

Funding amount: up to $613,736

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies DBA Humane Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name:  Engaging Men and Boys as Allies in Preventing GBV Through Community-Based Humane Education Programming  

Funding amount: up to $824,213

National Association of Women and the Law / Association Nationale de la Femme et Le Droit

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name: Promoting GBV-Responsive Family Justice Through Collaborative Law Reform: A Decentralized, Intersectional and Feminist Approach

Funding amount: up to $850,000

Sex Information and Education Council of Canada - Conseil du Canada d'information et education sexuelles

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: Increasing capacity to provide effective consent education: Focus on boys and Autistic youth

Funding amount: up to $799,782

Theatre of the Beat Inc.

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: I Love You and it Hurts

Funding amount: up to $196,162

Victim Services Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Survivors of Human Trafficking Debt Relief

Funding amount: up to $1,105,800

Voice Found

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name: Nurturing Hope: A Peer Support Path for Trafficking Survivors

Funding amount: up to $733,295

3.    The following organizations will be receiving funding to conduct community-based research to help address the needs of those that are at risk of gender-based violence or are underserved when they experience it:

Projects serving the province of Ontario

Carleton University

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name:  Do online and offline violent extremist movements influence the rise of GBV in Eastern Ontario?

Funding amount: up to $213,421

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration

London, Ontario

Project name: Investigating risk and protective factors of GBV among Muslim communities to strengthen community coordinated responses

Funding amount: up to $397,105

Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women

Ottawa, Ontario

Project name: City Centre Avenue, Empowering communities to prevent GBV: non-legal responses and increasing capacity for community-based accountability

Funding amount: up to $387,856


Kingston, Ontario

Project name:  Understanding Gender-Based Violence for Rurally-Located Queer and Gender-Diverse Youth: Youth-Led Research To Improve GBV Services.

Funding amount: up to $396,258

Projects across Canada

Canada Arab Institute / Institut Canado-Arabe

Toronto, Ontario

Project name:  Kafa: A Community-Based Research Project Looking Into Gender-Based Violence in Canada’s Fastest Growing Immigrant Community

Funding amount: up to $389,927

Egale Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Project name: Consent-based curriculum: empowering educators and peers to reduce GBV experienced by 2SLGBTQI youth in NL  

Funding amount: up to $369,087

Muslim Advisory Council of Canada

Oakville, Ontario

Project name:  Researching barriers to gender-based violence services for Canadian Muslims through community-driven knowledge mobilisation

Funding amount: up to $391,791

She Matters United

Stoney Creek, Ontario

Project name:  Does Geography Impact Access to Justice? Access to Evidence Collection in Rural and Remote Communities

Funding amount: up to $520,668

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