Canada Youth Summit

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May 2-3, 2019

Ottawa, ON

“Young Canadians are challenging the status quo and, thanks to their passion and creativity, are making important changes in their communities and our country. I look forward to connecting with you during our first-ever Canada Youth Summit to celebrate your successes, share your ideas, inspire other young people to serve their communities, and raise the bar on what we can achieve together.”

The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Overview of the summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hosting 300 young leaders from coast to coast to coast in Ottawa, to:

  • launch of Canada’s first youth policy;
  • talk about key issues identified by youth;
  • share their experiences with service and what it meant to them; and
  • inspire youth to serve their communities.

Youth Summit Themes: What’s Important to Canada’s Young People?

The Summit linked the overarching theme of youth service to five sub-themes aligned with the priorities identified by youth during our national conversation on Canada’s first youth policy. The five sub-themes were:

  • Leadership, social impact and democratic participation;
  • Employment, innovation, skills, and learning;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Gender equality; and,
  • Environment and climate change.

Reconciliation is crosscutting throughout the Summit program.

Agenda and activities at the Youth Summit

Check out what happened at the Youth Summit

Engaging beyond the Summit

How to get engaged on the State of Youth Report and the evolution of the Canada Service Corps.

Youth Policy

Creating a vision for youth – by youth – which can guide government decision-making and ensure youth voices are heard and respected.

Canada Service Corps

Contribute to your community.

A portrait of Canadian youth

Who are Canadian Youth and how are they doing?

Canada Youth Summit Summary Report

Read the summary report of the 2019 Canada Youth Summit!

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