CT-155 Hawk

The CT-155 Hawk is used to train pilots for front-line fighter aircraft. With its superior technology, this jet can perform a wide range of high-performance training missions.

The Hawk’s cockpit features a heads-up display, hands-on throttle and stick controls as well as integrated navigation and targeting systems.

Length 12.42 m
Wingspan 9.08 m
Height 3.98 m
Maximum gross weight 9,100 kg
Maximum speed 1,482 km/h
Range 2,622 km
  • Cold Lake, Alta.
  • Moose Jaw, Sask.
This aircraft is used for Fighter jet trainer

A near mid-air collision occurred between the CT155 and a Thrush aerial application aircraft returning to Moose Jaw Municipal Airport, following an aerial application in some fields located to the west of Moose Jaw.
August 21, 2018

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