2nd Canadian Division Support Group

“Serve with honour and perseverance”

2 Canadian Division Support Group is a versatile operational support formation with highly integrated resources and services under its control. Together with external organizations, 2 Cdn Div Support Group can generate, employ and support deployable joint forces for domestic operations, provide support to mounting units engaged in the build-up for expeditionary operations, and provide institutional support.

2 Cdn Div Support Group will provide ongoing institutional and tactical support within its area of responsibility for an indefinite period, to units deploying for international and domestic operations as well as integral and lodger units, in accordance with the 2 Canadian Division/Joint Task Force (East) Headquaters mandate.

2 Cdn Div Support Group encompasses a headquarters (in Montreal) plus more than 60 other sites, the largest of which are the Citadel, Farnham, Saint-Hubert and Saint-Bruno. 2 Cdn Div Support Group has a strength of some 4,299 Canadian Forces members and civilian employees, and operates out of three support bases: Montreal, Valcartier and Saint-Jean. It is a highly efficient organization, responsible for supporting 141 units and 33,000 National Defence personnel in Quebec Area.

The new structure of 2 Cdn Div support group will position the group to implement national corporate initiatives such as Alternative Service Delivery (ASD), in order to effectively and efficiently sustain the activities essential to its mission and achieve Most Effective Organization (MEO) status.

  • Operations Services
  • Corporate Services
  • La Musique du Royal 22e Régiment
  • Information Technology Services
  • Technical Services
  • Personal Services
  • Resource Conservation Branch

  • Commander: Colonel J.L.S. Ménard, CD
  • Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer J.G.E. Normand, MMM, CD

In the early 1990s, the Land Staff in Ottawa created a new concept of support to operational units: megabases which would streamline resources while maintaining adequate service levels. 2 Cdn Div Support Group is a product of this approach.

From 1994 to 2000, DND human and financial resources and facilities within Land Force Quebec Area (now known as 2nd Canadian Division) underwent sweeping structural reform. In 1994, the Canadian Forces Bases (CFBs) in Montreal and Saint-Jean were merged to create a new entity, an expanded CFB Montreal that included the Longue-Pointe, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Jean, Farnham and Saint-Bruno sites. In 1998, the mergers culminated in the amalgamation of CFB Montreal and CFB Valcartier into a new organization, 5 Area Support Group (Now 2nd Canadian Division Suport Group). The new structure required the redefinition of roles and structures and created a unique concept of support that would enable the provision high-quality services at a lower cost to all our clients.

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