2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier

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No drone Zone

Information about flying a drone on 2 CDSG installation : OpsGS2DivCA@forces.gc.ca

Valcartier has long been a training site: the Valcartier assembly camp was opened for the first time in 1914 to train Canadian expeditionary forces.

Today Valcartier is without a doubt one of the best-equipped support base in the country with its residential area, its many recreational clubs and one of the best biathlon sites in North America, the Myriam Bédard Centre.

2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier has two formations: 2nd Canadian Division Support Group (2 Cdn Div SG) and 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5 CMBG). 2 Cdn Div Support Group is a megabase with over 2500 members (civilian and military).

5 CMBG, one of 2 Cdn Div Support Group main users, is an Army operational battle formation comprising approximately 3300 Canadian Armed Forces members divided into eight units; it has more than 1100 vehicles of all types. This formation accounts for the majority of the military population at 2nd Canadian Division Support Base Valcartier, and its headquarters are also on the site.

Two other formations consisting mostly of reservists, 35 Canadian Brigade Group (35 CBG) and the Naval Reserve, are located off the main site, as is the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group (CFRG). Only the services, agencies or units of 2 Cdn Div Support Group, 5 CMBG and 35 CBG and the other integral units report directly to 2nd Canadian Division (2 Cdn Div).

The Canadian Forces Community Gateway is a series of linked websites (one for every base and wing) that provides a common national view of all local base/wing Non-Public Property (NPP) programs and activities including publicly-funded programs delivered through NPP. These are just some of the services available on the Community Gateway site:

  • Fitness and Sports
  • Messes
  • Recreation and Leisure
  • Health Programs
  • Family Services
  • SISIP Financial Services

There are also other satellite units or agencies (Dental Unit, Family Centre, etc) belonging to other formations or agencies, whose primary function is also to offer complementary services to all integral and lodger units. It is not uncommon for several units or agencies to handle similar matters. For example, the Valcartier Family Centre offers prenatal classes, while Personnel Support Programs (PSP), through Health Promotion, aim to educate the community on various health-related subjects.

Commandant : Colonel J.L.S. Ménard, CD
Sergent-major : Adjudant-chef J.G.E. Normand, MMM, CD

Public Affairs Officer
Telephone: 418-844-7641, Ext. 7641

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