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Exploring the evolution of doctrine in the Canadian Army from the Second World War to the present and into the future.

Newly Approved Canadian Army Doctrine

  • B-GL-350-052/FP-001 Line Planning Guidance
  • B-GL-305-003/FP-001 TAPV DRWS Application of Fire
  • B-GL-342-001/FP-001 The Land Equipment Management System
  • B-GL-363-002/FP-001 CBRND in Land Operations
  • B-GL-372-001/FP-001 Ground Based Air Defence Doctrine
  • CADN-NDAC 20-05 Assault Pioneer Platoon Doctrine Note

The essence of teaching at the Staff College was not to indoctrinate officers with preconceived theories, but to make them think and come up with their own solutions to the problems of modern war. - Guy Simonds

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