A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.

The Atlantic Canadian shipbuilding industry has a long and proud history that encompasses everything from 19th-century sailing schooners to modern icebreakers. A.F. Theriault produces diverse types of vessels designed and built in the predominately francophone community of Meteghan River, Nova Scotia to serve Canada’s unique, expansive coastline and our network of coastal marine communities.

Founded in 1938, the family-owned A.F. Theriault shipyard is a very different place today, building state-of-the-art workboats, pilot boats, patrol vessels, yachts, fireboats and passenger ferries and maintaining a significant number of jobs in the rural community.

There is currently a significant amount of work available for shipyards due to increased demand and a growing blue economy. As the shipbuilding and industrial marine industry moves toward higher value and more sophisticated segments of the market, the quality of the equipment that goes into a new vessel is increasingly important.

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has provided contributions to help A.F. Theriault innovate and invest in modern technology and manufacturing processes, supporting one of the largest shipbuilders in Atlantic Canada combine old techniques with the latest materials and technologies to build safe and modern boats of the highest quality.

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