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P.E.I. Community Navigators


Whether it’s a doctor and his family from South Africa, a student from India, or an entrepreneur from the Philippines, newcomers moving to rural Prince Edward Island can all be sure of one thing – a warm welcome from their new communities.


Prince Edward Island Regional challenges



By integrating climate change adaptation tools with Indigenous and local knowledge of ice, SmartICE is creating momentum in Atlantic Canada while empowering the communities and people it serves.


Newfoundland and Labrador Innovation, Indigenous



Driven by a desire to reduce the construction industry’s carbon-footprint, Dustin Bowers, founder and CEO/CTO of PLAEX™ Building Systems Inc. created an interlocking block system using a unique composite as an alternative to traditional building materials like wood, brick and cement.


New Brunswick Advanced Manufacturing

Zen Energy


Zen Energy is on a mission to build the best batteries for transportation and storage. Zen Energy is part of a growing cleantech sector that is transforming our regional economy.


Nova Scotia Technology

CoLab Software


Billed as the world’s first Design Engagement System (DES), CoLab is a powerful cloud-based software platform that lets large engineering teams collaborate effectively and efficiently while streamlining the review process.


Newfoundland and Labrador Technology

SmartSkin Technologies


How a New Brunswick tech company is using AI and sensor technology to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical and beverage containers on the production line.


New Brunswick Advanced Manufacturing

Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd.


For nearly 70 years, Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd. (VCFL) has been the backbone of the community in Northern Cape Breton, says General Manager Osborne Burke, his voice ringing with pride.


Nova Scotia Advanced Manufacturing

Wabanaki Maple


A new company’s first few years are challenging, with unexpected obstacles and setbacks around every corner. For Wabanaki Maple, a newly established New Brunswick business and ACOA client, having to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic along with other growing pains was the most unexpected challenge of all.


New Brunswick Food sector, women entrepreneurship

Kognitiv Spark


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many obstacles and challenges to businesses and organizations across all sectors. However, in the midst of these readjustments, startup Kognitiv Spark has encountered something else as well – an increased demand for its flagship product, RemoteSpark.


New Brunswick Technology, innovation

Virtual Marine Technology


More than 14 years ago, Anthony Patterson was a student at Memorial University in St. John's. He was exploring how to improve the way lifeboats were launched during hurricanes. What he discovered was a much bigger issue - and a much bigger commercial need.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Innovation, Oceans, Seize opportunity

Sustane Technologies


As a professional working in the pulp and paper sector, Peter Vinall was always cooking up ways for companies to lower costs. Now, as the co-founder and president of Sustane Technologies, he is cooking up ways to reduce municipal waste – literally.


Nova Scotia Clean technology, Get to the next step, Innovation, Research & development, Seize opportunity

J&S Oysters


When Luc Léger launched his company, J&S Oysters, in 2014, he sank 33 cages that year in Cocagne Harbour. In 2023, that number reached 2,140. Modernization has always been central to the New Brunswick company’s increasing success.


New Brunswick Food sector, Get to the next step, Oceans, Process improvement, Traditional sectors

Avalon Laboratories


Prior to the pandemic, Avalon Laboratories was focused only on environmental testing, so they pivoted to medical diagnostic testing capabilities. They are Atlantic Canada’s one and only private medical diagnostic laboratory.


Newfoundland and Labrador Health/bio-sciences

DF Barnes


D.F. Barnes Services Limited offers specialized maintenance, fabrication and construction services to the oil and gas, energy and maritime sectors. During the COVID pandemic, it launched a new PPE line of business to support the local health care system.


Newfoundland and Labrador Advanced Manufacturing



Quannessence formulates and manufactures professional skincare products in Summerside, Prince Edward Island for retail distribution in Canada and the United States.


Prince Edward Island Health/bio-sciences



Rimot is a technology company located in Dartmouth, NS that provides organizations with continuous insight into their remote business critical infrastructure.


Nova Scotia Health/bio-sciences, Advanced Manufacturing

Top Dog Manufacturing


Top Dog manufactures polyurethane safety equipment and other protective garments for the food processing, agriculture, childcare and healthcare industries, from its facility in Prince Edward Island.


Prince Edward Island Advanced Manufacturing

Brilliant Labs


The great majority of Brilliant Labs' work is about support for youth, educators, schools, and community groups and was all done in person prior to the pandemic.


New Brunswick Education, Advanced Manufacturing

Université Sainte-Anne


Université Sainte-Anne is the flagship institution for Acadians and other francophones in Nova Scotia, and is recognized for the excellence of its education and research programs.


Nova Scotia Education

A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.


A.F. Theriault produces diverse types of vessels designed and built in the predominantly francophone community of Meteghan River, Nova Scotia to serve Canada's unique, expansive coastline and our network of coastal marine communities.


Nova Scotia Advanced Manufacturing, Oceans

Roots Rants Roars - My Food Hike


Roots, Rants and Roars is a two-day food festival based in Elliston, Newfoundland and Labrador – the root cellar capital of the world. Founded in 2009 by Tourism Elliston, a non-profit organization to promote tourism and boost economic development on the Bonavista Peninsula, it has grown to become one of Canada’s top culinary festivals.


Newfoundland and Labrador Food sector, Tourism

Ethical Swag


Ethical Swag Inc. offers an e-commerce solution for sourcing sustainable, customizable promotional products. As consumer attitudes change, people are increasingly looking for environmentally and socially conscious choices. The company has been audited to a global standard for social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.


Nova Scotia Women entrepreneurship, export

The Soap Company


After a lifetime of chronic skin issues caused by synthetic ingredients, Founder and CEO Leigh McFarlane has created simple, gluten-free, nut-free products that are either unscented or scented with only essential oils.


Nova Scotia Women entrepreneurship

AtlanTick Repellant


When Lisa Ali Learning’s two sons became ill with Lyme disease three years ago in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, she was driven to act. After they recovered, she wanted to ensure her children, and their dog would be safe from ticks while continuing to enjoy the outdoors. Lisa’s solution led to the creation of AtlanTick Repellent Inc.


Nova Scotia Women entrepreneurship

PEI Mussel King


When Esther Dockendorff's father came home from lobster fishing 40 years ago and said he wanted to start a business "growing" mussels, no one was sure how the new venture would go. Forty years later, Mussel King is a leader in mussel cultivation and processing in Canada.


Prince Edward Island Women entrepreneurship

Hebert's Recycling


What goes around, comes around is a philosophy that’s good for the environment and good for business. Hebert’s Recycling, a third-generation family-owned and operated business headquartered in Miramichi, understands the impact of this approach firsthand.


Newfoundland and Labrador Advanced manufacturing, Innovation, Process improvement

Empowered Homes


As the owner of an energy audit company, Joshua Green always recommended the use of programmable thermostats. He recognized, however, that for homeowners with electric baseboard heating that recommendation could not be followed. There was no smart thermostat on the market for them. Until now.


Newfoundland and Labrador Clean technology, Commercialization, Export, Seize opportunity



In its 54 years of operation, The Call Centre Inc., has consistently done one thing: it's refused to stand still. The St. John's response centre, which operates under the name Telelink, started as an answering service for businesses that needed to be connected to customers 24/7.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Get to the next step

Amalgamated Dairies


There is strength in numbers. Amalgamated Dairies Limited (ADL) has lived by that successful philosophy since 1953 when seven independent dairy producers joined forces.


Prince Edward Island Food sector, Key partnerships, Process improvement, Traditional sectors

CarbonCure Technologies


CarbonCure Technologies has brought a breath of fresh air – and much more – to the ready mix concrete market. The Dartmouth-based company retrofits concrete plants with a technology that recycles waste carbon dioxide to make a stronger, greener product.


Nova Scotia Clean technology, Health/bio-sciences, Innovation, Seize opportunity

Kaneshii Vinyl Press


Gideon Banahene wants to bring music to his customers' ears. Literally. Gideon is the owner of Kaneshii Vinyl Press Limited, Canada's newest full-service vinyl record pressing facility and the only company of its kind in Atlantic Canada.


Prince Edward Island Get to the next step, Seize opportunity



More than 20 years ago, Fonemed, LLC started with one client in Oregon. Today, the Canada-U.S. telehealth company has 2,300 client groups serving more than 10 million people in North America alone.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Get to the next step, Health/bio-sciences, Research & development, Seize opportunity

Thompson Potato Company


Customers, staff and potato lovers will all benefit from a recent expansion at Thompson Potato Company. The Victoria, PEI, company has completed a new state-of-the-art ventilated storage expansion and installed optical sorting equipment to increase processing capability.


Prince Edward Island Food sector, Process improvement, Traditional sectors

Dubé Farms


The Dubé family has been growing potatoes since the late 1800s. Today, Mike Dubé and his father George oversee 1,200 acres of land as well as a packing and storage facility with a capacity of 6,500 tonnes. Their operation employs up to 30 employees for the planting, growing, harvesting, and packing season.


New Brunswick Export, Food sector, Innovation, Traditional sectors

Lennox Island Development Corporation


In the 1930s, the federal Department of Fisheries (as it was then known) operated a thriving oyster hatchery in Ellerslie, PEI. In the decades that followed, however, the marine centre fell into disrepair and the hatchery dried up.


Prince Edward Island Food sector, Indigenous, Oceans, Seize opportunity, Traditional sectors

SubC Control


Eight years ago Chad Collet and Adam Rowe were working in a basement trying to launch their subsea video company. “We developed things quickly. We made lots of mistakes,” says Chad, the company’s chief technology officer.


Newfoundland and Labrador Aerospace, Export, Innovation, Oceans, Seize opportunity

Maison BeauSoleil


Maison BeauSoleil, which produces, packages and ships premium oysters, has a new pearl in its production process. The Néguac, N.B., company has developed a one-of-a-kind automated system that sorts, counts and boxes oysters.


New Brunswick Food sector, Innovation, Oceans, Process improvement

Novonix Battery Testing Services


Dr. Chris Burns gets a charge out of answering seemingly unanswerable questions. As a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, Chris was looking to determine how long lithium batteries would last.


Nova Scotia Get to the next step, Innovation, Seize opportunity

Terra Beata Farms


Many people looked at the stretch of land for sale in Heckman's Island, Lunenburg, and all they saw was a bog. Evelyn and David Ernst saw an opportunity.


Nova Scotia Export, Food sector, Restructuring, Seize opportunity

Atlantic Grown Organics


Business was booming for Marc and Krista Schurman, owners of Atlantic Grown Organics, the label for their family farm in Kensington, PEI. To meet that demand, they realized their greenhouse production would need to be year-round.


Prince Edward Island Food sector, Seize opportunity

Somru BioScience


At present, 70% of Somru BioScience's clients are based in North America. It is an important market for the biotechnology company that develops antibody technology, which can be used to accelerate the drug-development process.


Prince Edward Island ExportHealth/bio-sciences, Key partnerships

Superior Glove Works


Superior Glove Works Limited has been in business for 56 years. There is one reason for its longevity, says President Tony Geng, and that is innovation.


Newfoundland and Labrador Advanced manufacturing, Innovation

Green Power Labs


Green Power Labs' first foray into the global market was a matter of luck – an engineer in Australia called the Nova Scotia company out of the blue – but its continued success on the international playing field has been the result of forethought and planning.


Nova Scotia Clean technology, Commercialization, Export, Key partnerships

Genoa Design International


Genoa Design founder Leonard Pecore graduated from the Marine Institute in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador with a certificate in shipbuilding design during the early 90s, at a time when shipbuilding in Canada had seen better days.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Innovation, Key partnerships, Oceans, Workforce

W.P. Griffin


A consumer demand for washed potatoes over 30 years ago set a Prince Edward Island company on a path to innovation that has allowed it to remain a market leader.


Prince Edward Island Commercialization, Food sector, Innovation, Process improvement

Tronos Leasing and Maintenance


Tronos Leasing and Maintenance located in Prince Edward Island first launched in 2001 to provide maintenance services for Tronos Aviation owned assets. Up until that time the UK-based company was an aviation leasing company only, providing jets to main line carriers like United and US Air.


Prince Edward Island Aerospace, Commercialization, Innovation

Rollo Bay Holdings


Rollo Bay Holdings, owners of Keenan Potatoes, is the largest agriculture entity in Eastern Prince Edward Island specializing in reds, yellows and russets for consumer and food service industries.


Prince Edward Island Export, Food sector, Innovation, Traditional sectors, Workforce



The next time you're shopping for a new car, take a moment to think about what might be under the hood at your local dealership. For Quorum, it would hope it's their flagship dealership management software XSELLERATOR – a comprehensive solution that automates, integrates, and streamlines every department in a dealership.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Innovation, Key partnerships, Workforce

Kenney & Ross


The next time you bite into your frozen TV dinner you might be consuming some of the food-based gelatin products produced by Shelburne Nova Scotia-based Kenney & Ross.


Nova Scotia Export, Innovation, Oceans, Seize opportunity, Traditional sectors

J.D. Irving


J.D. Irving (JDI), based in Saint John, New Brunswick, employs thousands of employees across the region. The company's core business operates in the forest products sector and includes the manufacturing of lumber, pulp and paper, and tissue products.


New Brunswick Advanced manufacturing, Export, Innovation, Research & development

Frontier Power Systems


Prince Edward Island-based Frontier Power Systems' innovation is providing light to some of Canada's most northern communities – regions where access to energy sources has remained almost impossible.


Prince Edward Island Clean technology, Innovation, Process improvement



Newfoundland and Labrador entrepreneur Emad Rizkalla believes that, today, innovation is the only way for businesses to hedge their bets. And, as it turns out, the biggest challenge for Rizkalla was finding the capital investment necessary for growth and continued investment in innovation and R&D.


Newfoundland and Labrador Digital industries, Export, Innovation, Oceans, Restructuring, Workforce

Louisbourg Seafoods


The old saying "necessity is the mother of invention" could describe how Louisbourg Seafoods started in 1984. Jim and Lori Kennedy were both displaced fish plant workers following the collapse of the Atlantic ground fishery. The two recognized an opportunity where many did not.


Nova Scotia Food sector, Innovation, Key partnerships, Oceans, Regional challenges, Seize opportunity, Workforce

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