Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy: summary

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) is working closely with the 4 Atlantic provincial governments to carry out the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy (ATIGS). Together, the partners want to help you grow exports and boost foreign investment.

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ATIGS can help you:

Together the Government of Canada, through ACOA, and the 4 provincial governments will contribute up to $20 million over 5 years through the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Agreement (ATIGA).

ATIGS – the strategy

Launched in 2017, and updated in 2022, ATIGS is a federal-provincial collaboration that puts Atlantic Canada solidly on the path to a more innovative, diverse and globally competitive economy. It’s designed to create jobs and strengthen the economy.

How? The strategy’s partners are working towards 3 main objectives:

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Take an in-depth look at how the partners are helping to grow your business in international markets. Read the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy in full.


See the real-life benefits in Atlantic Canada and beyond, that have been made possible over the last 6 years.


A performance measurement framework has been developed to monitor progress against the objectives.   

ATIGA – the funding agreement

ATIGA financially supports the strategy’s efforts. The Government of Canada and the 4 Atlantic Provinces will provide up to $20 million over 5 years to fund ATIGS. The federal government, through ACOA, is investing up to $14 million, and the 4 provincial governments will provide the remaining $6 million.


ATIGS represents a collaborative approach among the federal and provincial governments in Atlantic Canada. The strategy partners are:

The partners will engage other federal and provincial departments and organizations in the development and implementation of specific initiatives in support of this strategy.

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