Form and templates

  • Application form and Cover letter

    Note: The application form is discontinued. It was replaced by a cover letter for which we do not have a template. More information on the required documents can be found on our How to apply page.

  • Background check consent form
    • You must use the form provided. Other forms or background check results from other organizations will not be accepted. The Background check consent form may be completed and signed electronically or by hand. If you wish to complete and sign the form by hand, please follow the instructions noted below:
      1. start by reading the instructions at the end of the form;
      2. ensure that all required information has been entered, including the dates in sections M and N;
      3. print the completed form;
      4. you and your partner (as applicable) sign the form by hand;
      5. scan the form and save it in PDF format with low resolution to reduce the size; and
      6. ensure that all of the content is clearly visible in the scanned file.

*It is not mandatory to use our curriculum vitae and reference letter templates. You may use a different format as long as you include the same information and respect the limits on length.

The Government of Canada produces a wide variety of publications in various print and electronic formats. Some formats may not be accessible to screen readers. Alternate accessible formats are available upon request. Please contact us if necessary.

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