Indigenous engagement

We are committed to maintaining and strengthening relationships with Indigenous communities in the post-decision period of the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) project.

Continuing the conversation

We are building on the two-way, meaningful dialogue that was established in Phase III to help communities navigate initiatives related to Crown commitments, accommodation measures and any other project-related activities.

With the government’s decision to approve the project on June 18, 2019, Canada established the Phase IV Partnership Office — a focal point to partner and work with Indigenous communities and deliver on commitments, including accommodation measures and the government’s response to the Canada Energy Regulator’s 16 recommendations.

With the Phase IV Partnership Office in place, the government and Indigenous communities will be able to work together efficiently and focus on results that will benefit communities, the environment and our economy.

Working with the Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committee

The committee represents a new way for Indigenous communities and federal regulators to work together on the implementation of a major resource project. It is an important partnership focused on advancing our shared interests in a co-developed approach.
Read the 2019–2020 report from the Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committee

Economic participation

The government committed to exploring the possibilities of Indigenous economic participation in the TMX project. Initial engagement was conducted in July and August 2019 to understand communities’ views on how Canada should approach the broader engagement process and how economic participation in the project might be structured. The government is considering the input received during the initial engagement and is currently developing its next steps.

Delivering on commitments

The government is engaging directly with Indigenous communities to continue the meaningful, two-way dialogue as the project moves forward:

Previous consultations with Indigenous groups

Informed by the Federal Court of Appeal, we re-initiated Phase III consultations on TMX with all potentially impacted Indigenous groups. Learn more about what was said in the previous consultations with Indigenous groups.

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