Previous public engagement

In May 2016, the former Minister of Natural Resources named a three-member Ministerial Panel for the proposed project. The initiative was an interim measure aligned with a set of principles established to guide decision-making on major resource projects, while the Government undertook a broader review of environmental assessment processes and National Energy Board (now the Canada Energy Regulator or CER) modernization.

The Panel heard from communities along the proposed pipeline and shipping route to hear views that may not have been considered as part of the NEB review.

Participants in this engagement included: Indigenous Peoples, businesses, communities, landowners, individuals and non-government and government organizations. The Panel’s work complemented, but did not substitute, Crown consultations with Indigenous Peoples.

What we did:

  • 44 public meetings in 11 communities in Alberta and British Columbia, along the proposed pipeline and marine shipping route
  • more than 650 Canadians spoke or made presentations to the panel at these public meetings, which were attended by 2,400 people
  • more than 20,000 email submissions
  • over 35,000 people completed an online questionnaire about the project

The Panel’s engagement activities complemented the NEB review process, where over 1,600 participants had the opportunity to provide evidence. It submitted a report to the Minister of Natural Resources on November 1, 2016. The report is publicly available and was used to inform the Governor-in-Council’s final decision on the project.

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