Changing Narratives Fund Consultations

Current status: closed

Consultations took place between November 16 and December 16, 2022.

The results are available in the Changing Narratives Fund Report on Consultations.

About these consultations

The Changing Narratives Fund (CNF) aims to help diverse journalists, creators, communities and organizations have their experiences and perspectives better represented in the media, arts and culture sectors. Budget 2022 announced $5 million in 2023-2024 to launch the CNF. The implementation of the Fund is an opportunity for the Government of Canada to make meaningful change towards advancing anti-racism, equity, and diversity and inclusion within the media and cultural sectors.

Canadian Heritage conducted targeted consultations with community representatives from the media and cultural sectors.

From November 16, 2022, to December 16, 2022, the department published an online questionnaire to seek further input on the implementation of the CNF.

In addition to individuals, organizations and associations that represent journalists or creators of cultural content were also invited to participate in the consultation.

What was the focus of these consultations

The Government of Canada is working toward implementing the Changing Narratives Fund in 2023-24. The objective of the consultation was to hear from key stakeholders and community members on what the Government of Canada can do, through the Changing Narratives Fund, to increase access and empower diverse communities, namely Indigenous, racialized and religious minorities in the arts, culture, and creative sectors, with the tools and opportunities to tell their own stories, overcome systemic barriers and promote diverse voices in the arts, culture, and media.

Report on consultations

Key stakeholders from the media, arts and culture sectors provided input and proposals during the consultation roundtables. Altogether, 39 artists, professionals and representatives of organizations participated in the arts and culture roundtables, 15 stakeholders participated in the journalism and media roundtables, and 13 stakeholders took part in the roundtable that included stakeholders from both sectors.

Nearly 500 individuals also responded to the online questionnaire.

Consult the Changing Narratives Fund Report on Consultations. The feedback provided by stakeholders during these consultations will be used by the Department to help guide the design and implementation of the new program.

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