Stakeholder engagement on fair revenue sharing between digital platforms and news media: Closed Consultation

Current status: Closed

Stakeholder engagement on fair revenue sharing between digital platforms and news media is now closed. Thank you for lending your voices and views.

Engagement summary

In the spring of 2021, Canadian Heritage initiated a phased approach to stakeholder engagement on the issue of fair revenue sharing between digital platforms and news media. The first phase involved targeted engagement with existing contacts. The department reached out to a variety of stakeholders within the Canadian news and information sector, including a number of publishers, broadcasters, platforms, academics, unions, journalist associations and organizations representing the interests of racialized communities, official language minority communities, remote communities and persons with disabilities.

The second phase of the engagement was initiated by a discussion document, which provided an update on the responses received in the first phase. It also sought further input and supporting information from stakeholders and the public that would help the Government ensure a sustainable, fair, diverse, and independent news and information ecosystem for Canadians.

The consultation period for the second phase ran from August 3, 2021 to September 15, 2021. In total, PCH received 22 responses to the discussion document. As committed to within the discussion document itself, a published list of those who intervened is found on this page. Their submissions are available upon request in the language and format they were received.

The continued engagement by interested stakeholders will assist in guiding the policy process and developing a solution that will ensure Canadians continue to have access to a diversity of local and regional news sources that serve their needs and interests.







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