Canada History Week 2023

Canada History Week 2023 takes place from November 20 to 26. This year’s theme is the History of Black Achievement in Canada. The week encourages Canadians to reflect upon and engage with Canada’s past.

View the digital magazine created by Historica Canada for Canada History Week to learn more about the remarkable achievements of Black people in Canada.

Canada History Week is organized by the Canada History Fund. For more information on the program, please consult Program details – Canada History Fund.

Message from Minister St-Onge on the occasion of Canada's History Week

Portrait Minister St-Onge

Every year, as we mark Canada’s History Week, we are given an opportunity to turn the spotlight on an aspect of our collective heritage. This year, I am inviting you to celebrate the history of Black Achievement in Canada. This year’s theme gives us the space to explore the remarkable journeys of individuals who made significant contributions to our shared history. Since 2014, marking this week serves as a catalyst to better understanding of our Canadian history, civic engagement and mutual respect within our society.

This celebration is an opportunity to honour the achievements of Black people in Canada, and their profound impact on our country’s history. By recognizing their legacy, we strengthen the bonds that inspire and unite us as a diverse and inclusive nation.

Canada History Week is a time to foster open and constructive dialogue, to share stories, make new discoveries, and reflect on the profound lessons of our past. Use #CanadaHistoryWeek to connect with others who share a passion for our history.

Together, we can build a brighter future by celebrating and sharing in reflections on our collective history, learning from our differences and strengthening our commitment to justice, equality and mutual respect.

I wish you an enriching Canada History Week. Thank you for joining your fellow Canadians we highlight Black excellence and achievement.

The Honorable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Canadian Heritage

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What is Canada History Week?

Canada History Week provides all Canadians with opportunities to learn more about the people and events that have shaped the country that we know today. Past themes included:

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