Summary of the Evaluation of the Canada Periodical Fund 2015-16 to 2019-20

Evaluation Services Directorate
January 9, 2022

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Aid to Publishers
Business Innovation
Collective Initiatives
Canada Periodical Fund
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit
Official Language Minority Communities


The Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) provides financial assistance to Canadian print magazines, print community newspapers and digital periodicals, to enable them to overcome market disadvantages and continue to provide Canadian readers with the content they choose to read.

CPF provides funding and other supports through three program components:

Evaluation Findings


CPF provides critical financial support to the periodical industry in Canada.

Modernization of the CPF is underway to:

Through a stable funding of approximately $75M per year, the program addressed important needs and challenges that include:

Design and delivery

CPF benefited from well-established program delivery structure.

Its robust performance measurement strategy provided detailed information on program reach.


Program effectiveness

Over the 5-year period, CPF funded 3,741 titles and 464 projects.

Table 1: number of titles and projects funded per CPF component
Year Aid to publishers Business Innovation Collective Initiatives
2015-16 788 51 14
2016-17 747 66 19
2017-18 749 96 21
2018-19 728 96 17
2019-20 729 69 15

ATP was successful in providing meaningful support to a number of magazines and community newspapers.

BI and CI provided complementary support, including an increasing level of participation from digital periodicals.

In 2019-20, ATP funded periodicals were published in:

Special measures to improve ATP access are in place for periodicals that target Official Language Minority Communities (OLMC), Indigenous. Ethnocultural and LGBTQ2S readers.

Table 2: number of funded titles from target groups from 2015-16 to 2019-20
Year Ethnocultural OLMC Indigenous LGBTQ2S
2015-16 52 29 14 1
2016-17 44 29 16 1
2017-18 53 31 17 1
2018-19 56 24 16 1
2019-20 73 22 17 1


The evaluation recommends that the Assistant Deputy Minister, Cultural Affairs Sector:

  1. Explore options and implement new approaches within the BI component to maximize the opportunities for recipients to innovate in changing market conditions.
  2. Undertake the completion of a gender-based analysis to further ensure the CPF program is aligned with the emerging needs and preferences of diverse groups.

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