PCH funding programs (under $5M)

Unless specified otherwise, figures reflect planned spending figures for FY2019-2020 per the 2019-20 Departmental Plan adjusted for in-year top-ups through Budget Implementation Votes and Supplementary Estimates. Amounts exclude transfers to other government departments/organizations.

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Rideau hall foundation $4.9M

The Rideau Hall Foundation, established in 2012, is a Canadian not-for-profit organization that seeks to build a knowledgeable and caring nation, promote innovative ideas and visions for the future, inspire Canadians to implement solutions to our country’s challenges, build relationships, collaborate and turn ideas into reality, and build a shared future. In 2017-18, the Government has set aside $10M for a bequest to the Foundation for the period 2018-19 to 2027-28.

Michaelle Jean foundation $0.5M

Created in 2010, the Michaelle Jean Foundation is a non-profit Canadian independent organization that encourages communities to use arts and creativity to stimulate and promote participation and dialogue among Canadians, particularly Canadian youth. In 2010-11, the Government has set aside $10M for a bequest to the Foundation for the period 2010-11 to 2019-20.

Youth take charge $3.7M

The objective of the Youth Take Charge Program is to strengthen youth attachment to Canada through engagement in the fields of history and heritage, civic engagement and youth service, arts and culture, and economic activities. The Program provides grants and contributions to eligible organizations in support of youth-led projects involving youth generally aged 7 to 30, which demonstrate the ability to strengthen attachment to Canada while addressing one or more of the above-mentioned thematic areas. It is expected that the Program will increase awareness among youth participants of the importance of being an active and engaged citizen; will increase relevance of youth-serving organizations to youth; and will increase youth engagement in communities. These outcomes will, in the long-term, lead to increased youth attachment to Canada and an increased sense of shared Canadian identity among youth. The Program is also responsible for managing an annual matching grant payment to the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and the Rideau Hall Foundation. This program uses funding from the following transfer payments: Grants in support of the Youth Take Charge Program and Contributions in support of the Youth Take Charge Program.

Target recipient: Not-for-profit or charitable organizations with a strong track record in serving youth on a significant national or provincial/territorial scale; Indigenous governments (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) or equivalent organizations with a strong track record in serving youth on a significant national or provincial/territorial scale.

Ultimate beneficiaries include: Young Canadians

Court challenges $5M

The Court Challenges Program supports Canadians in accessing the courts by providing financial assistance for test cases of national significance to assert and clarify certain constitutional and quasi-constitutional rights and freedoms.

Three main activities are expected to contribute to the achievement of the Court Challenges Program's objective:

In addition to providing funding for these three areas, the Department also provides financial resources to a third party to administer the Program and engage in program promotion to ensure that Program access is maximized. This program uses funds from the following transfer payment: Contributions in support of the Court Challenges Program.

Target recipients: Canadian incorporated organizations that are independent of the federal government.

Ultimate beneficiaries include: All Canadians

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