Backgrounder – Modernization of the Canada Periodical Fund: Adapting to the Digital Era


The Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) has three components:

Aid to Publishers (ATP)

The Aid to Publishers component provides funding to eligible Canadian print paid magazines and non-daily newspapers to enable them to overcome market disadvantages and continue to provide Canadian readers with quality content.

Business Innovation (BI)

The Business Innovation component offers support for projects to eligible small and mid-sized printed magazine and digital periodical publishers.

Collective Initiatives (CI)

The Collective Initiatives component funds projects for organizations designed to increase the overall sustainability of the Canadian magazine and non-daily newspaper industries.

The main changes coming to the Canada Periodical Fund can be summarized as follows:
2020–21: Current program 2021–26: Modernized program
Rewards print circulation Rewards investment in editorial and journalistic content, and ability to reach readers
Focuses on print in the ATP component New ATP sub-component for digital-only periodicals in 2021–22
Focuses on small and mid-sized magazines in the BI component Allows broader range of periodicals to apply to the BI component
BI component budget of $1.5 million BI component budget of $2.5 million
  • To help publishers adapt to the changes, the modernized ATP component will be implemented over five years. Over this time, circulation will decrease in importance while the creation of editorial content will increase in importance:
    • In 2020–21: 0% editorial / 100% circulation (no changes – status quo)
    • In 2021–22: 15% editorial / 85% circulation
    • In 2022–23: 30% editorial / 70% circulation
    • In 2023–24: 45% editorial / 55% circulation
    • In 2024–25: 60% editorial / 40% circulation
    • In 2025–26 and beyond: 80% editorial / 20% circulation
  • There will be no transition for the ATP digital-only sub-component that will be implemented in 2021–22, nor for the BI or CI components.

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