Monument to Fallen Diplomats

Photo of a wooden, satellite dish-shaped monument with grass and trees in the background
Monument to Fallen Diplomats

This monument is located at the intersection of Island Park Drive and Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway in Ottawa. It is dedicated to all public servants and diplomats in foreign service who have fallen while serving their country.

In the shape of a sphere, this monument symbolizes the eternal resting place of the fallen. Its large open face is directed toward the “gateway of eternity,” while its smaller extremity points toward the earth, opening into the “gateway of time.” The metal prisms inside represent those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The single prism located at the “gateway of time” pays special tribute to Colonel Altıkat, military attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa, who was assassinated on August 27, 1982, close to where the monument is located.

This commemorative work of public art is a gift from the Republic of Turkey. It was created by artists Azimet Karaman, sculptor; Levent Timurhan, architect; Reha Benderlioğlu, architect-sculptor; and Necmettin Yağcı, sculptor.

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