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Learn more about some of the many monuments in Ottawa–Gatineau. You'll see traditional commemorations and perhaps a few surprises from the world of contemporary art. Take a walking tour and get a glimpse of the wonderful range of public art on display in Canada's Capital.

Animals in War Dedication

The Animals in War Dedication honours animals that served alongside their human comrades in war.

Anishinabe Scout

This bronze sculpture of an Anishinabe scout is located in Major’s Hill Park, in Ottawa.

Canadian Building Trades Monument

Canadian Building Trades Monument is located in Major’s Hill Park, in Ottawa.

Canadian Firefighters Memorial

Canadian Firefighters Memorial is located in the heart of Canada's Capital at LeBreton Flats, site of the Great Ottawa Fire of 1900.

Canadian Tribute to Human Rights Monument

Located in downtown Ottawa, this monument is the first in the world dedicated to universal human rights.

CANLOAN Memorial

The CANLOAN Memorial is dedicated to Canadian officers who died while serving with the British Army during the Second World War.

Colonel By Statue

The statue of Colonel By stands in Major's Hill Park, in Ottawa.

Defence of Hong Kong Memorial Wall

This monument, unveiled in 2009, honours Canadians who defended Hong Kong during the Second World War.

Harper Memorial (Sir Galahad)

This monument is located next to the gate to Parliament Hill, near the corner of Wellington and Metcalfe streets.

Hungarian Monument

The Hungarian Monument stands on Maple Island, near Sussex Drive, in Ottawa.

Monument to Canadian Fallen (Korean War Monument)

The monument depicts a Canadian volunteer soldier and two Korean children.

Monument to Algonquin Chief Tessouat

Located on the grounds of the Canadian Museum of History, this memorial marks the 450th anniversary of the birth of Chief Tessouat, the Algonquin chief who controlled trade and commerce on the Ottawa River—Kichi Zibi—in the early 1600s.

Monument to Fallen Diplomats

This monument is located at the intersection of Island Park Drive and Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway in Ottawa.

National Aboriginal Veterans Monument

The National Aboriginal Veterans Monument stands in Confederation Park, in Ottawa.

National Artillery Monument

This monument is located on Green Island in Ottawa.

National Holocaust Monument

The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust and the millions of other victims of Nazi Germany and its collaborators. It stands as a tribute to the courage and resilience of the survivors who were able to make their way to Canada following one of the darkest chapters in human history.

Never Again War, Monument to Peace and Remembrance

The Monument to Peace and Remembrance is located in Gatineau.

Never Give Up! (Maurice Richard)

This monument to Maurice Richard is located in Jacques-Cartier Park, in Gatineau.

Oscar Peterson Statue

The statue of Oscar Peterson seated at his piano can be found at the corner of Elgin and Albert streets, in Ottawa.

Ottawa Memorial (Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial)

Ottawa Memorial (Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial) is located on Green Island, on Sussex Drive, in Ottawa.

Reconciliation (Peacekeeping Monument)

Located near the ByWard Market in Ottawa, the Peacekeeping Monument is the only monument of its kind in the world.

Reflection (Monument to Canadian Aid Workers)

The Monument to Canadian Aid Workers is located in Rideau Falls Park in Ottawa.

Remember Flanders

Remember Flanders was erected in honour of John McCrae, a Canadian poet, gunner and physician. It is located on Green Island in Ottawa.

Royal Canadian Navy Monument

The Royal Canadian Navy Monument stands on Richmond Landing, in the heart of Ottawa.

Samuel de Champlain Statue

The statue of Champlain is located at Nepean Point, in Ottawa, behind the National Gallery of Canada.

South African War Memorial (Boer War)

South African War Memorial is set in Confederation Park in downtown Ottawa.

The Response, National War Memorial

The National War Memorial is a tribute to Canadians who have served in times of war.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies in front of the National War Memorial.

Valiants Memorial

The monument pays tribute to the people who have served this country in times of war and the contribution they have made in building our nation.

War of 1812 Monument, Triumph Through Diversity

This monument is a tribute to the spirit, courage and bravery of those who served and successfully defended their land in the fight for Canada.

Women Are Persons!

Located near the Senate of Canada, this monument is a tribute to the group of women known as the Famous Five.

Yousuf Karsh Bust

The Yousuf Karsh Bust is at the corner of Rideau Street and MacKenzie Avenue in Ottawa.

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