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Transcript of Harper Memorial - Sir Galahad (youth version)

Narrator: “This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage”

[Canadian Heritage signature]

[The bronze statue of sir Galahad]

Narrator: “This statue of the knight Sir Galahad honours a brave act by an everyday, local hero.

“It tells the story of a young man living in Ottawa who tried to help someone in trouble …even though it was dangerous for him.

“This story takes place more than 100 years ago.”

[Portrait of Henry Albert Harper]

Narrator: “Henry Albert Harper, called Bert by his friends, was a young man who admired the bravery of the medieval knights because they helped people in need.”

[The office of Henry Albert Harper and a close-up of the painting of sir Galahad]

Narrator: “He even kept a painting of the knight Sir Galahad above his desk to remind him to find ways to serve others.”

[Historical photo of people skating on the Ottawa River]

Narrator: “One evening after work in December 1901, Bert went out skating on the Ottawa River with a group of young people.
“Suddenly, a girl named Bessie Blair fell through a patch of thin ice!

“It was clear that she was drowning.”

[Portrait of Henry Albert Harper]

Narrator: “Bert got ready to jump in to rescue her. When the other skaters warned him it was dangerous, he said “What else can I do?”… and dove in.

“Sadly, Bert was not able to save Bessie.”

[Close-up of the plaque at the foot of the memorial monument]

Narrator: “Both young skaters drowned in the cold Ottawa River that night.

c “The citizens of the Capital wanted to build something to help people remember Bert’s life… and his bravery.”

[The statue with the Parliament buildings in the background]

Narrator: “Bert’s best friend and roommate was Mackenzie King, the future prime minister of Canada. King suggested a statue of the knight Sir Galahad to honour his friend Bert.

“The sculptor, Ernest Wise Keyser, created this bronze statue of a young, fearless knight Galahad.”

[Historical photo of the unveiling of the statue]

Narrator: “Mackenzie King suggested putting the statue near Parliament Hill, so that in years to come many people… like you… would have the chance to see it, and to remember Bert’s story.

“… And the importance of trying to help others.”

[Canada wordmark]

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