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Transcript of Royal Canadian Navy Monument (youth version) – Decoding ART - Heritage Monuments

[Canadian Heritage signature]

Narrator: "This capsule is presented by Canadian Heritage."

[Components of the monument, a marble wall with a gold sphere on top]

Narrator: "The monument you see here is a tribute to the men and women who have served in the Royal Canadian Navy since it was first created in 1910."

[The monument and the land jutting out into the river]

Narrator: "It has a lot of symbolism —that means that parts of it suggest ideas or things that have to do with the Navy."

[Close-up of the wall and the gold sphere]

Narrator: "Have a look at that large white marble wall. Does it seem like the sail of a ship to you?"

[Illustration of the site illuminated at night]

Narrator: "At night, lights shine on it from underneath, and make it look like the front of a ship."

[Close-up of several features cut into the base of the monument]

Narrator: "The designers of the monument want to make you feel like you're on a ship at sea. Notice that much of the base of the monument is uneven. They wanted to make it feel like you are on a ship."

[The common nautical symbol of an anchor wrapped in rope]

Narrator: "See the lines along the base? They point toward the four points of a compass —when a ship is at sea, knowing which way is which is really important. Sailors sometimes look at the position of the sun, moon and stars to figure out where they are."

[A ship’s mast with a gold sphere on top, the camera moves towards the bottom of the mast showing in the background, the wall and a second gold sphere]

Narrator: "That's what the two gold balls represent. Can you find them? The Royal Canadian Navy has sailed the seven seas, and has played an important part in times of war."

[Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy on the ocean, with Canadians flags]

Narrator: "Whether it's on national or international missions, the Navy is always there to defend us, …"

[Close-up of two members of the Royal Canadian Navy on a boat]

Narrator: "…making sure that our coastal waters are safe."

[Side view of a member of the Royal Canadian Navy, a Canadian flag, and in the background a boat on the ocean]

Narrator: "It's also involved in relief operations and humanitarian aid missions."

[Back to the marble wall and the gold sphere]

Narrator: "Do you see others things that could be a Navy symbol?"

[Close-up of Al McWilliams]

Narrator: "Listen to the clip by the artist, Al McWilliams to find out more about the creation of this monument."

[Canada Wordmark]

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