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[Text on screen: ECHOING THE LAND]

You don't own this land.

We don't own this land.

This land is another member of our family.

Dr. Carmen Robertson, Canada Research Chair: This is the way Indigenous people have always thought about the land: interconnected with the land, know their land.

This art, created over those four decades, really does speak to that same idea of land as being, as person.

[Screening of the winning artist's work]

Narrator: “Echoing the Land" is an exhibit of Canadian works of art on display in the Byward Market Courtyards in the Nation's capital.

In conjunction with the Indigenous Art Center and Carleton University, the works were co-curated by graduate students, under the direction of Canada Research Chair Dr. Carmen Robertson.

Dr. Carmen Robertson: The students chose works from artists that represented all areas of Canada, all regions.

So we were able to then think about how those works would fit within the parameters of the space and for the courtyards to help tell the story within the walls that were available.

[Footage of the streets of Ottawa]

Well, Colleen Cuttschall’s work, there's a real sense of spiritual ancestral support.

The circular section that is that intense blue really signifies the water – that we're birthed from the water.

And of course, for Lakota people, the buffalo is the key to sustenance, to renewal, to connection to life.

So together we see these stories that unfold in this piece. Artists are all of the time, through their art, making those connections to their particular Indigenous ways of knowing.

And, so we saw "Echoing the land" as a celebration of that way of thinking about land.

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