Video – Mother Nature, Zoetic and Dancing Shoes – Three new art installations in Canada’s Capital Region

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Transcript of video Mother Nature, Zoetic and Dancing Shoes – Three new art installations in Canada’s Capital Region

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Dom: Public art is definitely meant for people who are maybe not comfortable, like in those fine art kind of contemporary spaces.

That's why I like mural art.


People feel like a sense of ownership over it because, you know, they see it on their walk to work every day or on their way home.

[Text on screen: (EX)CHANGE]


Natalie: Hi, my name is Natalie Very B, and I've created the winning submission for the Confederation steps.

[Screening of the winning artist's work]

I would like the visitors to Confederation Park to be able to respond to the art in a way that is very personal. As people visit the artwork and experience it, they can connect to their own memories of nature. If you do that every day, you have a spark of something very positive that can continue to be with you.

[Screening of the winning artist's work]

Dom: It's kind of a weird thing to say, but like, I don't leave much room for like a ton of last minute
creative decisions to be done. I guess that's built from like being a mural artist. I'm never just going up to a wall and just starting a painting, right? It's like a very set design. So I guess that's kind of like going into the fine art kind of practice.


Ashlyn: Hi, I'm Ashlyn Mundy, I am the winning artist for the York Street steps.

[Screening of the winning artist's work]

Public art can kind of change how you view a city and how you're walking through an area that you walk every day to your job, to your school, home can be like just brightened and changed by something added.

Dom: It definitely feels like, oh, it's doing it for the people. And it's not just someone coming to the gallery and buying a super expensive piece of art that's hanging in their house and it's just there, private. Yeah, there's a sense of like, it's actually something for the community, and it's like in public art kind of should speak on the behalf of the people who live around it I guess the main thing is to have a piece that compliments the site that it's in and just having a piece that looks like it's visually kind of legible up close and at a distance.

Natalie: I wanted to make sure that the overall image and the colors were working in a way that it's recognizable as a landscape.

Ashlyn: I would hope that people see it as positive and colorful. And I guess something that's just to be uplifting.

Dom: I definitely want them to just take in the whole piece and walk up the staircase several, several times, yeah.

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