Bulletin: Video Encoding Guidelines

Gatineau, February 10, 2020

NOTE: This bulletin is replaced by CAVCO’s Updated Video Encoding Guidelines, published on May 30, 2022.


In July 2018, CAVCO introduced the option to upload a copy of a production directly to CAVCO ’s online application system as an alternative to submitting a DVD or USB flash drive. We would like to encourage applicants to upload videos to assist in faster processing of applications. The purpose of this guide is to provide optimal compression settings to reduce file sizes.

Uploading videos

When submitting a video in an application, the video may be uploaded all at once, or if the production is lengthy, it can be uploaded in smaller sections. If the production is a series, the required three representative episodes should be uploaded one episode at a time. The maximum file size has been increased to 500 MB per upload.

Video files uploaded with CAVCO applications will be stored within CAVCO’s central network and will be linked via the Case File number. Once uploaded, video files can only be accessed internally by CAVCO staff.

Recommended settings

CAVCO does not require a high-resolution version of the production. The quality of the uploaded videos must simply be good enough so screen credits are legible. It is recommended that all compressed video files are previewed before submitting to confirm legibility of screen credits.

The following file compression guidelines are suggested when preparing a video file for a CAVCO application:

File Size:
Up to 500 MB
Video Codec:
H.264 (High profile)
Frame Rate:
Same as source
Frame Size / Resolution:
640x480 for SD, 1280x720 for HD
Video Bitrate:
600 Kbps / 0.6 Mbps (Variable)
Audio Channel:
Audio Codec:
Data Rate:
128 Kbps
Sample Rate:
44 kHz


There can be several reasons why a video may not upload. If the upload times out your internet connection speed may be too slow. If you are using a wireless connection, it is recommended to switch to a hardline instead and to limit your browser activity during uploads. Switching to the most current version of your web browser may also help when using CAVCO ’s online application system.

For help uploading video files to the online application system please call us toll-free at 1-888-433-2200.

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