CAVCO Public Notice 2017-04

Gatineau, July 10, 2017

Improvements to CAVCO online application system

On July 15, 2017, CAVCO will launch a new version of the online application system. This update includes a number of system enhancements intended to help clients organize their applications and collaborate more effectively within their organization. Our latest features include the following:

  • Company Accounts
    • Clients can now organize and group their applications within company accounts
    • Clients can now authorize other users to access their company accounts
  • Personal CAVCO Accounts
    • All clients are required to have their own Personal CAVCO Account to access applications held within a company account and to communicate with CAVCO
  • Multiple contact persons
    • Clients can add multiple contact persons for each company account
  • Improved security, information sharing and access
    • Upon first login after the release, all users will be required to validate their personal information
    • Account administrators can invite other people to access the company account and can move applications between company accounts

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal CAVCO Account?

A Personal CAVCO Account allows an individual to access CAVCO Online. The account is designed for individual use and it is mandatory to provide an email address. There can be only one account per email address.

Since each Personal CAVCO Account belongs to one individual, we require the use of legal names so that our officers always know with whom they are communicating.

Can I share a Personal CAVCO Account with someone else? Can I create a joint personal account?

A Personal CAVCO Account is for individual use only. Sharing or creating joint accounts is not permitted.

Can I create multiple Personal CAVCO Accounts?

Each individual is allowed only one Personal CAVCO Account. If you have two or more Personal CAVCO Accounts contact us (toll-free at 1-888-433-2200) for help on how to move your information into a single account.

What is a Company Account?

A Company Account allows a production company to select multiple authorized users to access tax credit applications. To create a Company Account you must first create a Personal CAVCO Account. Users can access more than one Company Account through their unique Personal CAVCO Account.

Each Company Account must have at least one administrator. Company Account administrators can invite others to access the account by adding their email address to the Company Account list of authorized users. Administrators can then authorize different levels of access within the Company Account (read/write/submit).

Can I join a Company Account?

Yes you can. To join an existing Company Account ask the account administrator to add your email address to the Company Account list of authorized users.

What is a GCKey?

The GCKey service is provided by the Government of Canada to allow you to securely conduct online business with various governmental programs and services.

How do I turn my multiple GCKeys/Personal CAVCO Accounts into Company Accounts?

We recommend you use one GCKey and one Personal CAVCO Account. Using a single Personal CAVCO Account simplifies communications with us and allows you to access multiple Company Accounts and all your applications.

To consolidate your GCKeys/Personal CAVCO Accounts follow the steps below:

  1. Log in with your main GCKey/Personal CAVCO Account and verify your profile and email address. Then log out.
  2. Log in with each of your other GCKey/Personal CAVCO Accounts and:
    1. Verify that the email address is different from your main Personal CAVCO Account. If the email address is the same it must be changed;
    2. Add your main Personal CAVCO Account to the list of authorized users for each Company Account. Be sure to assign an account administrator. An invitation will be sent directly to your Personal CAVCO Account.
  3. Log in with your main Personal CAVCO account. You will find the invite to join the Company Account in CAVCO’s message centre.

What should I do if my email address changes?

If your email address has changed log in and update it. You don’t need to create a new GCKey or Personal CAVCO Account.

What should I do if my employer changes and I need to update my account?

If you changed your employer, follow the steps below:

  1. Update your email address (if necessary).
  2. Advise your new employer of your existing Personal CAVCO Account and ask them to add your email address to the Company Account list of authorized users.
  3. Remind your previous employer to remove you from their Company Account list of authorized users.

Why do I need to validate my profile upon logging in?

Personal CAVCO Accounts are for individual use only. Therefore, a one-time profile validation will be request when you log in. This profile update helps protect your account and allows CAVCO officers to know who they are connecting with. From now on, when users log in the name of the account holder will appear on the top of the page.

Why can I see someone else's name and information when I log in?

If you see someone else’s name upon logging in you:

  • Are using an account that someone else created; or
  • Applied for a CAVCO Personnel Number for someone else* and your user information was replaced with that person’s information.

In both cases, we recommend you to create your own Personal CAVCO Account. Make sure to add your email address to the list of authorized users for each of the Company Accounts in which you have applications.

* We only allow individuals to apply for their own CAVCO Personnel Number. Individuals who wish to apply for a CAVCO Personnel Number must first create a Personal CAVCO Account.

Why was I sent a CAVCO invite email?

You received this email because a colleague or client invited you to join their Company Account and the email address they used isn’t linked to a Personal CAVCO Account. Company Account administrators can invite other users to access their account by adding their email address to the Company Account list of authorized users.

If you already have a Personal CAVCO Account you can either update the email address in your Personal CAVCO Account or inform your colleague or client that they used the wrong email address. A correct email address that is linked to your Personal CAVCO Account will receive invites through CAVCO’s message centre.

If you don't have a Personal CAVCO Account you can create one using your email address. You will have access to the Company Account after you create your Personal CAVCO Account.

Who to contact for more information

Clients with questions relating to their online account should call us toll-free at 1-888-433-2200.

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