International Multisport Games for Aboriginal Peoples and Persons with a Disability — Hosting Program

The International Multisport Games for Aboriginal Peoples and Persons with a Disability (IMGAPPD) component of the Hosting Program provides competitive opportunities for designated, under-represented groups in Canada that face systemic barriers to sport participation.

Who can apply

The IMGAPPD component provides contributions to organizations that are duly incorporated for the staging of the Games (known as Host Societies or Organizing Committees). Currently, the Federal Policy for Hosting International Sport Events (2008) stipulates that only the following four events are eligible for IMGAPPD component funding: The North American Indigenous Games, the Arctic Winter Games, the Special Olympics World Games and the Deaflympics.

The North American Indigenous Games and the Arctic Winter Games occur on a regular rotation, and Sport Canada collaborates with the host municipal and provincial/territorial governments to financially support each edition of the Games hosted in Canada.

For the North American Indigenous Games:

  • Eligibility for funding is based on a federal-provincial/territorial hosting rotation and a bid process, typically run by the North American Indigenous Games Council or the Aboriginal Sport Circle; and
  • The level of federal funding is based on a federal-provincial/territorial framework.

For all other IMGAPPD events, we compare activities and budgets against similar projects and assess the need for financial support.

We typically provide funding for the travel costs of Canadian participants in the North American Indigenous Games, whether hosted inside or outside of Canada, and the Arctic Winter Games when hosted outside of Canada. When available, this funding is part of federal-provincial/territorial bilateral agreements with the Sport Support Program.

Application deadline

December 31

If payments are sought for April 1, a funding application must be submitted no later than December 31 of the previous year (or, in the event that December 31 falls on a weekend, the last business day of the calendar year).

How to apply

Organizations interested in submitting an application for funding under the IMGAPPD component of the Hosting Program should contact Sport Canada.

Contact us

Department of Canadian Heritage
Sport Canada
15 Eddy Street, 16th Floor (15-16-G)
Gatineau, Quebec
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1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)


1-888-997-3123 (toll-free)

Agents are available to answer your questions Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (EST).

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