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Note: For international museology internships, the program only accepts applications from Canadian museums and related heritage organizations which, in collaboration with a museum or related heritage organization situated outside Canada, propose a museology internship project taking place, in part or in whole, at the foreign host organization. For all questions and to discuss your project, please contact the Canadian Museums Association by telephone at 613-567-0099 or by email at ycw@museums.ca.

  1. General Project Goals
    • Heritage objectives
    • Benefits for graduate, Canadian employer and foreign host museum
  2. Project Planning
    • Project clearly defined (objectives & measurable outcomes)
    • Clear job description & work plan (tasks & timelines)
  3. Skill Development
    • Development of specialized career-related skills & employability (concrete examples)
    • Hands-on, rewarding work experience
    • Opportunities for networking with professionals
  4. Job Parameters
    • Candidate profile clearly defined
    • Appropriate salary and living allowance
  5. Recruitment
    • Transparent selection and interview process planned
    • Provisions for job equity groups
    • Job description provided
  6. Orientation & Supervision
    • Skill assessment & development plan for intern planned
    • Proper preparation prior to departure (visa requirements, insurance, info provided to intern)
    • Plan to monitor intern’s work while abroad
    • Appropriate supervision & professional support (training, coaching, mentoring, follow-ups, performance evaluation, etc.)
    • Action plan to help support transition to job market during & after internship
  7. Budget
    • Complete estimates & coherent justification
    • Canadian employer’s and host museum abroad cash and in-kind contribution
    • Other sources of funding
  8. Specific criteria (to be assessed by delivery organization)

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