Important amendments to modernize the Competition Act receive Royal Assent

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December 18, 2023  – GATINEAU (Québec), Competition Bureau

On December 15, 2023, important amendments to the Competition Act became law, strengthening the Competition Bureau’s ability to promote competition and to prevent anti-competitive mergers and conduct.

Notably, these amendments:

  • Create a framework for market studies with information gathering powers;
  • Repeal the efficiencies defence for anti-competitive mergers and business collaborations;
  • Simplify the legal test for abuse of dominance and increase the maximum penalties available; and,
  • Expand the scope of the law to restrict more anti-competitive business collaborations.

The amendments come into effect immediately, with the exception of the changes impacting anti-competitive business collaborations (section 90.1). The changes to this section will come into effect next year on December 15, 2024. This will allow businesses time to ensure they are in compliance with the law.

For more information about the amendments and their impacts, please consult the Bureau’s Guide to the December 2023 amendments to the Competition Act.

The Bureau will work with stakeholders to implement the amendments in the most open and effective way possible. This will include reviewing and updating the Bureau’s enforcement guidance to ensure transparency and predictability for the business and legal communities.


“These amendments are a key step in modernizing Canada’s competition law and give the Bureau more effective tools to protect and promote competition in Canada. A modern Competition Act is fundamental to driving lower prices and innovation while fueling economic growth. A more competitive economy will benefit all Canadians – by offering more choice and greater affordability for consumers and businesses.”

Matthew Boswell,
Commissioner of Competition 

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The Competition Bureau is an independent law enforcement agency that protects and promotes competition for the benefit of Canadian consumers and businesses. Competition drives lower prices and innovation while fueling economic growth.

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