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Read the personal information collection statement.

Personal information collection statement

Privacy notice

The collection of personal information is authorized by the Department of Canadian Heritage and is required to administrate your request and prepare a reply. Collection and use of this personal information is in accordance with the Privacy Act. Such information may be used for evaluation, statistical and reporting purposes. The personal information collected is described in Personal Information Bank PSU 914 (Public Communications) and will be retained for 5 to 7 years. The information you provide is done voluntarily. Failure to provide the required information will result in the rejection of your request. Under the Privacy Act you have the right of access to, and correction of, your personal information. To exercise either of these rights, contact Canadian Heritage’s ATIP Coordinator by email at If you are not satisfied with Canadian Heritage’s response to your privacy concern, you may wish to contact the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada by telephone at 1-800-282-1376.

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) supports Canada's heritage community in preserving heritage collections in Canada so they can be accessed by current and future generations.

Canadian Conservation Institute
1030 Innes Road
Ottawa, Ontario  K1B 4S7

Scientific or technical advice

CCI will respond to scientific or technical advice requests within 2 working days when queries are submitted:

Note: CCI may require additional time to respond to some enquiries for scientific or technical advice, depending on the nature of the request.

Emergency advice

In the aftermath of a fire, flood, earthquake or other catastrophe, emergency advice is available to Canada's heritage community.

Professional conservation services

If you need to hire a conservator to care for your personal objects, contact the Canadian Association of Professional Conservators.


If you need to have an item appraised, contact the Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers or the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers.

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