Archaeological conservation field services

Archaeological conservation field services have resumed. Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2024.

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) offers conservation services at archaeological excavations, including recovery of fragile artifacts in the field, “first aid” for artifacts and packing. CCI can also provide field schools for students. See conservation and scientific services for archaeology for additional information.

Who can apply?

Our primary clients include the archaeology community, museums, archives, libraries and historic sites, whose principal role is to acquire, conserve and exhibit (for purposes of study, education and enjoyment) permanent heritage collections that are accessible to the Canadian public while also communicating about them and conducting research on them. The majority of expert services provided on-site at CCI are provided to these clients without cost. CCI also delivers expert services and training to public authorities and other organizations in Canada that are responsible for heritage objects or collections, on the basis of partial or full cost recovery.

How to apply

To apply, complete the Archaeological conservation field services request form.


For more information on fees, please consult the following:

Application period

Unless otherwise specified, applications for these services can be submitted from mid-December 2023 to February 15, 2024. Please note that the completion date for selected objects will depend on the complexity of the treatment. Requests that are received after February 15 will not be assessed until the following year.

Please note that requests relating to emergency stabilization of objects are evaluated upon receipt.

Response to new requests

CCI will respond to new requests within three weeks of receipt. Clients will be informed if their request has been accepted within four weeks of the February 15 cut-off date, and they will be told at that time what terms, conditions and fees (if any) will apply.

How are requests evaluated?

Requests are evaluated against the criteria for assessment of service requests.

Terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the following terms and conditions (1 to 20).

Client satisfaction standard

Clients who receive services from CCI will receive an evaluation questionnaire based on the following 11 quality parameters:

  • application process
  • acknowledgement of the initial request
  • explanation of fees
  • explanation of service to be provided
  • communication during the project
  • promptness of service
  • quality of service
  • usefulness of service
  • quality of written material provided (report)
  • dealings with staff (friendly, courteous and helpful)
  • overall value

Contact us

To submit requests for scientific or technical advice, please contact CCI.

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