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The Canadian Conservation Institute has hosted international symposia and colloquia on subjects of interest to conservation professionals. These events were held approximately every three years until 2011. Proceedings or preprints of the sessions are available on demand.

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  • Adhesives and Consolidants for Conservation: Research and Applications (2011)

    Electronic publications, 69 documents

    Adhesives and consolidants are important components of almost every conservation treatment. Symposium 2011 brought together conservators and scientists from around the world to share their practical and theoretical knowledge about the use of adhesives and consolidants in all areas of conservation. The program included a mix of papers (lectures, abstracts), posters, tours and demonstrations, along with stimulating discussions. Papers were presented in English or French with simultaneous translation.

    Symposium 2011 was hosted by the Canadian Conservation Institute in partnership with Library and Archives Canada. It was held in Ottawa, Ontario, from October 17 to 21, 2011.

  • Preserving Aboriginal Heritage: Technical and Traditional Approaches (2007)

    Paperback, 406 pp., 2007 - ISBN: 978-0-660-63977-2

    In September 2007, the Canadian Conservation Institute hosted an international symposium “Preserving Aboriginal Heritage: Technical and Traditional Approaches.” The goal of the symposium was to provide an opportunity for Indigenous people and conservation specialists to learn from one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect about traditional, technical, ethical and intangible aspects of the conservation of Indigenous material culture. This book of proceedings reflects the structure and objectives of the symposium and provides useful and practical information on collaboration and the benefits of technical and traditional approaches. It contains the text of all papers in the language of presentation, an abstract for each paper in English and French, and the text of all posters in English and French.

  • Preservation of Electronic Records: New Knowledge and Decision-making (2003)

    Paperback, 221 pp., 2004 - ISBN: 0-662-68620-9

    Symposium 2003, “Preservation of Electronic Records: New Knowledge and Decision-making,” was held in Ottawa, Ontario, from September 15 to 18, 2003. Hosted by the Canadian Conservation Institute, Library and Archives Canada and the Canadian Heritage Information Network, the symposium aimed to increase awareness of the issues surrounding the preservation of electronic records by bringing expert and leading-edge opinions to a large audience, including small and medium-sized archives, libraries and museums. The program was based on the chronological decisions that need to be made as electronic records come into a heritage institution, and it covered broad subject areas such as value criteria, authenticity criteria, factors to be considered in developing a preservation strategy, preservation strategies for information content, and media knowledge (deterioration, storage, longevity, disaster recovery, etc.). This book of postprints contains the complete text of all papers presented at the symposium (in the language of presentation) along with abstracts in both English and French for each one.

  • Looking at Paper: Evidence and Interpretation (1999)

    Paperback, 262 pp., 2000 - ISBN: 0-660-18571-7

    The “Looking at Paper: Evidence and Interpretation” symposium in Toronto (1999) brought together paper historians, conservators, scholars and curators to present recent research on the examination of paper and the interpretation of its evidence. The 26 papers collected in this book cover papermaking technologies, analytical techniques, research methodologies and case histories. Edited transcripts of two of the post-conference workshops focusing on examination of western and oriental papers are included.

  • The Conservation of Heritage Interiors (2000)

    Paperback, 214 pp., 2000 - ISBN: 0-660-18147-9

    Symposium 2000, “The Conservation of Heritage Interiors,” was an international conference hosted by the Canadian Conservation Institute in Ottawa, Ontario, from May 17 to 20, 2000 and organized in collaboration with the Association for Preservation Technology International and the Heritage Conservation Program of Public Works and Government Services Canada. The symposium emphasized the kinds of professional collaboration required to plan and execute successful conservation projects in historic interior spaces and provided information about current examination and treatment practices, problems and solutions in project management and the innovative use of materials in the preservation and rehabilitation of heritage interiors. This book of preprints contains the complete text of all papers presented at the conference (in the language of presentation) and includes an abstract in English and French for each. Also included are English and French abstracts for all posters and demonstrations presented at the conference.

  • Fabric of an Exhibition: An Interdisciplinary Approach (1997)

    Paperback, 206 pp., 1997 - ISBN: 0-660-60261-X

    New attitudes towards exhibitions challenge many long-held assumptions of curators, designers and conservators. The 26 papers presented at this symposium, held in Ottawa in September 1997, contribute to finding new solutions for the problems encountered when exhibiting textiles. The papers cover a wide range of textile topics from contemporary exhibits to long-term displays, exhibition environments, historic houses, travelling exhibits, support and presentation, and expanding professional roles. Also included is information related to the 8 demonstrations and 10 poster presentations that were part of the symposium, as well as French translations of all abstracts.

  • Varnishes: Authenticity and Permanence: Abstracts

    Paperback, 14 pp., 1994

    The 13 papers presented at the colloquium cover a wide range of issues concerning the varnishing of oil paintings, including the advantages and disadvantages of various old and new surface coating materials, as well as methods to increase the longevity of traditional resins and a discussion on the stability of newer synthetics. The colloquium was followed by a practical, two-day workshop.

  • Saving the Twentieth Century: The Conservation of Modern Materials (1991)

    Paperback, 440 pp., 1993 - ISBN: 0-660-57854-9

    As material culture becomes more sophisticated, museums collect a much wider range of objects. Collections are being assembled that include new synthetic materials, complex electronic circuitry, sophisticated alloys and many new types of coatings. Compact discs, computers, spacesuits, aircraft and plastic dolls were among the rapidly degrading artifacts discussed at “Saving the Twentieth Century: The Conservation of Modern Materials” held in Ottawa in September 1991. The 36 papers presented at the conference focused on modern materials in collections, conservation policies and plans, the history of technology, processes of deterioration and case studies about specific problems with materials. The authors include experts in science and technology, as well as many museum and archives professionals. French translations of abstracts are included.

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