Conservation treatments

The Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) offers conservation treatments on objects and works of art in order to prevent further deterioration, to aid interpretation or to re-establish culturally significant qualities. Treatments can range from minimal stabilization to more extensive restorations.

Who can apply?

Our primary clients include museums, archives, libraries and cultural centres, whose principal role is to acquire, conserve, communicate, exhibit (for purposes of study, education and enjoyment) and conduct research on permanent heritage collections that are accessible to the Canadian public. The majority of expert services provided on-site at CCI are provided to these clients without cost. CCI also delivers expert services and training to public authorities and other organizations in Canada that are responsible for heritage objects or collections, on the basis of partial or full cost recovery.

How to apply

To apply, complete the conservation treatment request form. Please note that the following types of objects will be considered in the current review period:

  • archival documents
  • books
  • furniture and wooden objects
  • paintings (particularly modern and contemporary materials and wooden panel paintings)
  • photographs
  • textiles
  • works of art on paper (such as prints and drawings)


For more information on fees, please consult the following:

Application period

Unless otherwise specified, applications for treatment services can be submitted until October 15 of each year. Please note that the completion date for selected objects will depend on the complexity of the treatment.

Note that requests relating to emergency stabilization of objects are evaluated upon receipt.

Response to requests

CCI will respond to requests within three weeks of receipt to confirm that the application is complete and the request eligible for consideration. Clients are informed of the results of the assessment by December 31. Clients whose requests have been accepted will be told what terms, conditions and fees (if any) will apply.

How are requests evaluated?

Requests are evaluated against the criteria for assessment of service requests.

Terms and conditions

Successful applicants will be required to agree to the following terms and conditions (1 to 20).

Client satisfaction standard

Clients who receive services from CCI will receive an evaluation questionnaire based on the following 11 quality parameters:

  • application process
  • acknowledgement of the initial request
  • explanation of fees
  • explanation of service to be provided
  • communication during the project
  • promptness of service
  • quality of service
  • usefulness of service
  • quality of written material provided (e.g. report)
  • dealings with staff (friendly, courteous and helpful)
  • overall value

Contact us

To submit requests for scientific or technical advice, please contact the Canadian Conservation Institute.

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