Facilities and security

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has a presence from coast to coast. We work everywhere from large urban centres, to remote Inuit communities in the North. Across the country, we serve increasingly diverse populations.

Each major correctional institution is like a small community. There are living units, offices and program areas. There are also buildings and spaces designed for spirituality, healthcare, employment, recreation, and other services. The nature of our work and the need for security often make these facilities unique and complex.

CSC is responsible for the management of:

CSC also manages four healing lodges (included in the 43 institutions) and works in close collaboration and partnership with Indigenous communities in the management of six CCRA Section 81 healing lodges to foster a traditional healing environment that supports the reintegration of Indigenous offenders back into the community.

CSC has five regional treatment centres across Canada to care for inmates with serious mental health conditions. These centres are accredited by Accreditation Canada and provide clinical assessment and in-patient treatment. They include:

CSC also has non-government partner agencies. These agencies run about 200 community residential facilities across the country. They provide housing, 24-hour supervision, counselling and programming to offenders who have been released under supervision. Their work helps offenders to be successful as they reintegrate into the community.

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