Grierson Institution

Grierson Institution

9530-101st Avenue (Basement)
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 0B3

Tel: (780) 495-2157
Fax: (780) 495-4755

Grierson Institution is an urban minimum security site for male offenders located in the lower level of one of the buildings that comprises the Grierson Complex.

Grierson Institution was opened as a minimum-security facility in 1997. The complex it resides in used to be the original location of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) "K" Divisional Headquarters from 1912 to 1971.

Grierson Institution, a standalone facility, is a distinctive site consisting of four buildings that encompass one square city block in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta. The site is built with a multipurpose function that includes the Grierson Institution minimum security site, Edmonton Urban and Northern Alberta Rural Parole Officers and the Stan Daniels Section 81 Healing Centre within the physical footprint of the site.

Rated capacity: 30

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